How to watch Taron Egerton’s new movie Tetris online at home

Taron Egerton’s new film Tetris is available now and streaming on Apple TV+.

The film tells the true story of how the video game Tetris, invented in the USSR, became one of the most played games in the world.

Egerton plays Henk Rogers, who traveled to the communist nation to secure the international rights to Tetris and befriended Alexey Pajitnov, the game’s inventor.

The film follows Henk as he tries to deal with the mysterious and restrictive Russian government, amidst the interference of a group of British investors led by billionaire media mogul Robert Maxwell, who wanted to own the rights.


Tetris is now streaming on Apple TV+.

You can sign up for Apple TV+ for £6.99 a month, or if you’ve never subscribed to the streaming service you can take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

You can also get Apple TV+ when you buy an Apple product like an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or MacBook as you get the option to get Apple TV+ free for three months as a bonus.

Apple One is another option, as it bundles a collection of Apple services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple News+ into one price – the package costs £16.95 a month, but you can try it for free with a one-month free one Trial version of Apple One.

Tech retailer Currys is also offering three months of Apple TV+ free when you sign up for its Currys Perks loyalty program or purchase an eligible product.

Mobile Network EE is offering some customers six months of free Apple TV+, while Barclaycard holders can also use Apple TV+ for free for five months.

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Tetris is directed by Jon S. Baird (Stan & Ollie, Filth) and also stars Nikita Efremov, Toby Jones (Empire of Light), Roger Allam (Endeavour) and Anthony Boyle (Tolkien).

It is Taron Egerton’s first starring role in a film since playing Elton John in 2019’s Rocketman, for which he won a Golden Globe and was nominated for a BAFTA.

He has since been nominated for a TV BAFTA for his role in the Apple TV+ miniseries Black Bird, in which he again played a real-life character — prisoner Jimmy Keene, who worked with the FBI to extract a confession from an alleged series Killer Larry Hall.

In an exclusive interview with Digital SpyEgerton spoke about why he decided to star in Tetris, another project based on a true story.

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“I thought that if I don’t know, hopefully most people don’t know, which makes it worth filming,” he explained.

“It’s just such a crazy story. It’s always a good sign when the script is a real page turner and doesn’t struggle to get through. Sometimes stuff gets mailed to you and it feels like a chore, you definitely shouldn’t do those films,” he added.

“I loved the script, loved the story. It’s a bit incredible so I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Tetris is now streaming on Apple TV+

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