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Gregg Berhalter may remain committed to the U.S. Men’s National Team program and bring continuity to USMNT coaching as it transitions from 2022 World Cup Round of 16 member to 2026 World Cup co-host.

ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle says Berhalter is starting contract negotiations with the United States Soccer Federation but is also interested in taking a job in Europe as his profile has risen alongside the USMNT at the World Cup.

Berhalter’s current contract ends at the end of the calendar year, the Americans have scheduled a domestic camp and friendlies against Serbia and Colombia in January.

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Berhalter has done some good for the program, most notably winning the CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup with two different groups. He also cleaned up most of the defense and dropped out of the World Cup group.

In Sergino Dest and Yunus Musah, Berhalter successfully recruited two of the program’s stars at the World Cup. He also convinced Malik Tillman, Gaga Slonina and Jesus Ferreira that the USA is the right place for their national team’s future.

He was also subjectively slow, if not downright stubborn, in accepting certain viewpoints that made the team better. From Tyler Adams at right-back early in his tenure, to saying that about a month before the World Cup, Tim Ream wasn’t what he envisioned… and then playing him every minute of the tournament.

But when lessons were learned, they mostly stayed learned.

Should Gregg Berhalter remain USMNT chief?

Let’s start here because it’s necessary: ​​it’s clear that Berhalter cared about its players and the project, whether you like the way it works or not. This was not a half-hearted operation, but one with passion.

Does he still have this passion? Only he can answer that and if he wants to have more playing days in his life then maybe he wants to go back to club sport after all.

And honestly, that’s fine either way, because his four years with the program have been neither amazing nor pathetic. They can be described as anything from a mild disappointment to a minor success, depending on your perspective and expectations.

If you think it was really difficult picking up the pieces from the absolute travesty of not qualifying for the World Cup from the richest nation and one of the top two most talented nations in the CONCACAF men’s program, then think Berhalter the men The 2022 World Cup and getting through the group with a young group was a solid step in the right direction and a small success.

If you believe that the American soccer climate is such that you should always make the World Cup out of one of the smaller confederations in the world and that the Yanks advanced as the second team in a group where they were the second-placed team according to FIFA and Elo ratings , well, you can have a different standard.

The Yanks will never qualify for the World Cup again given the expanded field, but the hosts have had a drastically improved chance of reaching the semifinals in the past. The federation would need to be confident that picking the best squad, regardless of how it reflects their previous picks – let alone a best XI – will be under a specific coach.

Berhalter is 49 and far from being the worst or best boss in USMNT history. Whoever is in the job in four years has a chance to go down as one of them. Choose wisely, fed up. And Gregory! Who knows how far their star could climb with a solid run in Europe and history says there will be a chance to reconnect with the USMNT job.

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