How to show respect in a relationship: Therapist shares tips

Mutual respect is one of the building blocks of a healthy relationship. A relationship goes through many ups and downs, but being respectful and understanding one another can save a relationship and make it a safe and healthy space for the people involved. “It’s no surprise that respect is an important part of a healthy relationship. While all relationships have challenging seasons, it’s important to maintain respect during these times. Disregarding your partner’s interests, belittling them, rolling their eyes when they speak, or making fun of things they’re confident about will eventually erode security,” read an excerpt of the post Psychotherapist Emily H. Sanders when she shared the importance of respect in a relationship.

How to Show Respect in Relationships: Therapist Shares Tips (Unsplash)

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Speaking of respect in relationships, Emily added, “It’s important to start talking about respect with your partner early in your relationship, as people often have different views on what that looks like to them.” The expert shared a few ways on how to Showing respect in a relationship:

Speak well about the partner: It is important to speak positively about our partners in front of others. This will boost our partner’s morale and give them confidence in the relationship.

How to Show Respect in Relationships: Therapist Shares Tips (Unsplash)

sarcasm or teasing: Everyone has some fun in their relationship, but we need to know how to set boundaries and understand when the other is uncomfortable.

Mistake: Everyone makes mistakes and we must learn to be tolerant and forgiving of them. This will push them to be better versions of themselves.

express opinions: Understanding their perspectives will open up more opportunities to understand them – this will bring more clarity to the relationship.

Hear: When the other person is sharing something, we need to listen carefully and try to support them.

Recognize: A little appreciation and recognition goes a long way, and it’s important to acknowledge their efforts in the relationship.

compassion: We should be aware of the partner’s trauma and sensitivity and should keep the boundary at all times so as not to trigger it.

To apologize: In case of mistakes, we should take care of it and apologize wholeheartedly.

admiration: Over time, we need to keep the spark alive in the relationship and let them know what we admire most about them.

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