How to make money exchanging cryptocurrency in Ukraine

Over the years of Bitcoin and other digital assets’ existence, many cryptocurrency exchange opportunities have emerged. You can become a regular user of the exchange, try P2P platforms and even appreciate the convenience of a cryptocurrency ATM. However, now more and more virtual money owners prefer online changers like 100BTC.

Online file sharing sites work just like regular file sharing sites. Only in this case you will not exchange fiat for fiat (traditional money), but for cryptocurrency. By the way, you can also buy and sell virtual money with cash – that’s another advantage of exchangers.

Online cryptocurrency exchange

Exchange offices work online around the clock, so you can always exchange in the chosen direction. The exception is operations that involve a manager who manually reviews the user’s request. In other cases, cryptocurrency exchanges in Ukraine take place within 10-15 minutes.

If you are just looking for an exchange service, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules when choosing:

  1. The exchanger has been working for a long time and is known for its positive reputation among users.
  2. The exchanger offers a good exchange rate, an optimal currency reserve and an acceptable commission.
  3. The exchanger is easy and straightforward to use, there are no pitfalls such as hidden fees and other unpleasant “surprises”.
  4. Representatives of the exchanger are ready to help solve problems with withdrawing funds and are always ready to offer advice on a specific issue.
  5. The exchanger does not require client registration.

In order to look for a service that conducts online cryptocurrency exchanges, it is best to use specialized sites that review the best articles. Such lists often contain platforms whose security is beyond doubt.

If you are looking for a service through a search engine, it is better to look for reviews about it as well. The less well-known the exchanger is, the more you should learn about it so you can avoid problems with scammers who often create one-day exchangers.

Exchanger selected – what’s next

After you have selected an exchange office, you can proceed to create an exchange request. The principle of working with the point is quite simple and intuitive: choose the exchange direction, enter all the data that you need to indicate on the site, create and pay for the application.

After 10-15 minutes, the cryptocurrency exchange is complete. It is worth noting that if the cryptocurrency payment gateways fail, the application closing time may increase. In such situations, the system simply does not “recognize” the transactions, so the exchange does not take place.

Please note that if you encounter any problems during the exchange, you must immediately contact the exchanger’s technical support. In this way, you are guaranteed to receive qualified assistance and can complete the operation you have started.

exchange commission

As you know, exchange offices charge a commission for their services. The amount of commission depends solely on the item itself. It can be either 1% or 4%. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to ask the exchanger’s representatives right away, whether the exchanger puts the commission into the aisle or calculates this value separately. It will also not be superfluous to find out if there are any additional fees when exchanging, for example, B. A fee for withdrawing currency.

Therefore, if you want to conduct the most profitable cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine, be sure to read the conditions offered by the exchange and ask the manager all your questions. Otherwise, you risk getting less currency from the exchange than you originally planned.

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