How the Pot Noodle Twitch stream helped 150 young people find jobs

Pot Noodle and Raptor Marketing won Best Virtual or Live Streaming Experience at the Drum Awards for Experience. Here we learn more about this successful project.

pot noodle

pot noodle

The order

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, students have been hit with skyrocketing unemployment, job losses and a lack of internship opportunities. Long-term youth unemployment hit a five-year high in 2021, according to an ONS report. With a deep-rooted connection to the student market, Pot Noodle directed Raptor Marketing to embark on a mission to address this mounting youth unemployment crisis and pursue a purposeful strategy to advance brand defense.

The idea

Raptor conducted detailed student insights. The results were clear: there was a real need for young people to secure paid internship opportunities that could provide tangible, real-life experiences. At the same time, there is a need for an accessible, engaging and fun career fair with jobs outside of traditional industries.

Pot Noodle Internships was born – a platform of 150 companies offering paid internships in seven industries notoriously hard to reach: film, music, fashion, sports, publishing, technology and gaming. Raptor has partnered with GradBay, a Gen Z recruitment firm, to develop a new website that includes internship listings, an integrated job application portal, and resources for individuals ages 16-24.

From the students’ insights, Raptor landed on a live streaming experience as a comprehensive solution to drive traffic and applications to the internship website. Streamed live on Twitch, the Virtual Alternative Careers Fair was a first for both Unilever and the UK, the first careers fair on the platform.

The decision to live stream on Twitch was a user base focused movement. 75% of Twitch viewers are between the ages of 16 and 34, which aligns closely with Pot Noodle’s target audience.

Hosted over two days, each hour of content focused on a specific industry. The segments included Q&A with representatives from the 150 companies and interactive challenges. Viewers could win valuable prizes by scanning an on-screen link that took them to the internship page. Most importantly, the stream was accessible to all young people and there were no barriers to participation. It allowed those interested in alternative industries to engage directly with educational content and take their next steps to find paid opportunities.

The complex production included two studio setups that were alternated in real time. The stream used multiple audio and video channels that had to be adjusted per segment, from table mics to LAV mics and between five different cameras.

The results

In terms of direct results, 3,500 applications were received for the placements, resulting in 150 young people finding paid work through the campaign. The live stream was the primary reason for this success, with 9,516 live viewers turning into 21,445 visits to during the stream. Perhaps the most important finding is that many of the companies have now offered full-time positions to the students they hired through our campaign, making a lasting positive impact on the lives of young people across the UK.

This campaign was a winner at the Drum Awards for Experience in 2022. The Drum Awards for Marketing are currently open for submission. Find out how you can participate now.

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