Hottest Videos of the Week (Sep 10

Several trending videos emerged during the week and had entertained throughout. One of the trending videos has gone viral and shows a woman repeatedly hitting a security guard in a neighborhood of Noida. The corporation is known as Cleo County and the matter is being handled by Noida’s Phase 3 Police Station. According to sources, the woman accused of hitting the security guard works as a professor and the police have been informed of the incident. People had reacted because of the lady’s rudeness and bad behavior.

The state administration led by Bhagwant Mann has come under scrutiny after a popular video of a young woman allegedly being stoned went viral on social media. According to sources, the video was allegedly filmed in the Maqboolpura neighborhood, which is part of the Amritsar East seat and is represented by AAP MLA Jeevan Jyot Kaur. There are many drug users in the Maqboolpura area, which is well known.

The viral video shows the young woman trying to get up drunk. A local man was seen in front of the camera and said that the woman had injected herself with drugs.

A viral video now circulating online shows a young child with his elementary school teacher. In the footage, the child can be seen making love and hugging the woman while he apologizes to her. While some people found the video adorable, many online users disagreed with the boy’s actions. In the video, a young child can be seen hugging his teacher and apologizing for his mistake.

Lightning is reportedly seen striking a large building in Mumbai’s Borivali West in one of the viral videos. The popularity of web video is increasing. On September 7, Instagram user Vibhuti Bandekar captured and posted the footage. It is now widespread. In the user’s stunning video, the roof of an apartment building in Borivali is hit by a powerful lightning strike and thunder.

In a state school classroom, a contrasting scenario from Jharkhand’s School was observed. In the viral footage, a monkey was reportedly seen entering and attending the classroom alongside the students. The monkey has been going to these classes for a week. Views of the popular video and images of the monkey wandering offices and classrooms have surged on social media. The agency report claims that the monkey’s participation in the seminars drew media attention.

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