Here’s how to buy the first-ever military cryptocurrency now

It wasn’t long ago that veterans in this country were shunned by a society they left to defend during an unpopular war. Vietnam-era veterans were largely ignored at home and denied what we now consider basic entitlements. Fortunately, in the post-September 11, 2001 era, the tide has changed, and serving our service members has become a priority for state and federal services, as well as countless nonprofit organizations. During this time, we have also seen a meteoric rise in cryptocurrencies. What we are witnessing now is the merging of the two formerly independent sectors; Challenge Coin aims to be a solution that bridges the gaps in critically supporting our nation’s heroes as an innovative donation token. The best ideas always seem to come out of necessity.

Challenge Coin is the brainchild of some of the most prominent members of the elite Navy SEAL community along with Russ Davis, the founder of an influential cryptocurrency group. In Russ, we trust crypto. Of course, creating a token, purpose and use case is not a one-man job, which is why Challenge Coin is run by some of the most decorated heroes in this country’s history. Jeff Gum, Rob O’Neill, Kaj Larsen and Ed Byers are iconic figures in modern military science who have served as Navy SEALs, earning countless awards in the process. On the crypto side, Russ has worked with some of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to develop Challenge Coin’s robust features while serving as an influential crypto advisor to a group of more than 24,000 members. Jesse Merl is an entrepreneur, angel investor and social media influencer who brings diverse business experience to the team. Together they cover every angle to ensure Challenge Coin delivers on its promise of giving back to those who gave the most.

The dream began in May 2021 when Kaj and Russ began brainstorming ways to give back to military personnel for their service. Russ wanted to know more about the needs of military and service members, while Kaj wanted to learn more about cryptocurrency; This is how Challenge Coin was born. The problem is that some of this country’s most decorated and dedicated heroes aren’t getting the support they deserve and deserve. The solution is called Challenge Coin.

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and worn by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they can be given to prove membership when challenged, along with boosting unit morale. In the past, Challenge Coins were awarded by unit commanders in recognition of a unit member’s special accomplishments. They can be traced back directly to World War I and probably date from the Roman Empire.

As a donation token, Challenge Coin directs 4% of every transaction (buy and sell) to partner organizations like Force Blue, the Special Forces Foundation and the Navy SEAL Museum to provide charities with the resources they need to help veterans. By holding the token as an investment, the price increases, giving the token more value. In addition, 2% of every purchase and sale of the token is redistributed daily as a reward/dividend among all holders. This reward comes in the form of Ethereum (considered a “stable coin”) and deposited in another online cryptocurrency wallet. Users can always claim their Ethereum rewards or return their rewards to the Challenge Coin team to use for more charitable purposes. In cryptocurrency, many new tokens start at less than a cent, leaving room for growth, exciting opportunities, an entry point for all income levels, and sufficient supply. When a token starts at $0.0001 and then goes up to $0.0001, we call that “dropping a zero”. The marketing campaign that Challenge Coin ran focuses on their tagline “#KillZerosForHeroes”! The market research Russ has collected from his cryptocurrency social media groups shows that this is trending highly across all social media platforms and should see excellent adoption, generating excellent results through improved visibility.

According to Russ Davis, “Challenge Coin (HERO) will directly benefit partners whose goal is to help veterans in their daily lives and carry the torch for future generations of heroes. We only work with reputable and transparent organizations with a rich heritage of honorable work.”

Want to participate? Visit Challenge Coin’s website and follow their social media channels. Already appearing on Fox Business and Wharton Business Radio, this team is taking exciting steps to spread the word about Challenge Coin and continue making a difference to improve the lives of our nation’s veterans.

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