Heading to the Eras Tour? This swiftie shares her ‘pro tips’

As the Eras Tour continues its journey across the United States, Swifties offer words of wisdom to fellow concertgoers.

Sara Cummins (@sararosecummins) attended one of the shows in Glendale, Arizona. She has since created a video sharing her “pro tips” with fellow Swifties.

“If you’re going to see Taylor Swift at all, listen up,” she begins. “Things we did right and things I would have done differently.”

#1: Know your venue’s bag policy

First? Check your venue’s luggage policy to avoid being “sent back” to your car.

“First is to check the baggage policy of the venue you’re going to,” she says. “We did that in advance and it was great because there were people being sent back to their cars to put their bags away. Ours was clear bags. I don’t know if it will be the same for every single venue but make sure you research that beforehand.”

#2: Bags, bags, bags

If possible, wear clothes with pockets.

“If you can have pockets, you have pockets,” she says. “I had a dress with pockets in it and it was a life saver because I didn’t have to rummage through my bag to find essentials like I did and I could just put my phone in and out of my pocket.”

#3: Wear comfortable shoes

Another must? Comfortable shoes.

“If your shoes aren’t comfortable, if they’re not the kind of shoes you can run two miles in, scrap them,” says Sara. “I’ve seen so many girls lugging around their shoes and walking across disgusting floors. Just like the floors at concerts get gross, even in a nice stadium. People just spill things everywhere like it’s a mess.”

“I would say a general rule is that if you were going to dance the night away in these shoes at a wedding, even if they’re heels, they’re probably comfortable enough to wear,” adds Sara.

#4: Save your parking space

Last but not least, Sara suggests fans keep track of where they parked.

“The last thing we got right was we saved a pin where we parked and we also took a photo of roughly the general location,” she says. “It made it really easy for us to find our car after the show was over. When it’s almost midnight and you’re tired and you’ve stood around all night in a cute outfit, the last thing you want to do is walk around in the cold with sore feet.”

Looking back, Sara wishes she had done things differently.

#5: Merchandising lines are long, so arrive hours in advance

Merch at The Eras Tour is an important commodity, so expect a long wait.

“The queues for merch are pretty crazy. So if you know you really want something, come a few hours in advance,” she says. “Merchandise lines went from an hour and a half to about thirty minutes once the set started. So if you’re willing to miss a few songs, you can do that too.”

#6: Fill your car with post-concert snacks

Swifties who have been on the Eras Tour claim that Taylor Swift’s 44-song set alone lasts over three hours. With that in mind, Sara says fans should pack their cars with snacks.

“It’s a long show and when it’s over you’ll probably be hungry. Do yourself a favor and leave some snacks in your car when you’re done,” she says. “There weren’t many fast food options and the lines at the drive-thru were ridiculous after the show.”

#7: Consider bringing a portable phone charger and hand sanitizer

If you intend to capture a lot of footage (we don’t blame you), a portable phone charger might come in handy.

“Things you could bring that I think would be helpful would be an external phone charger,” she says. “I kind of wish I had had that for safety reasons. Even if you don’t record tons of videos all the time and your phone is fully charged, you should be fine.”

“I would also highly recommend hand sanitizer or maybe even wet wipes,” she adds.

“I have decided that I will only wear tennis shoes. it’s not like taylor sees my feet anyway”

Other Swifties chimed in in the comments. Some even added their tips.

“ALSO a change of pajamas in the car,” said one swiftie.

“You can ask, ‘Siri remembers where I parked. She’ll pin it. Then, when you come out, ask, “Siri, where’s my car?” She’ll show you the map,” someone suggested.

“I have decided that I will only wear tennis shoes,” one fan wrote. “It’s not like Taylor will see my feet anyway.”

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