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Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde discuss Pat’s article ranking the College Football Bad Blood Rankings.

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DAN WETZEL: Pat, you had a good story on SI.com that ranks the 15th greatest rivalries in college football. The Hate Knife. The Hass-Arama, if you will.

PAT FORDE: Performance values ​​for bad blood. Yes indeed.

DAN WETZEL: Number 10, the alliance versus playoff expansion.

PAT FORDE: yes this is one There’s definitely bad blood in there. It’s all administrative, but it’s real. Greg Sankey and the guys who worked with him to extend the playoffs, Craig Thompson, The Mountain West, Notre Dame’s Jack Swabrick and Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby. They had their plan, it worked, we went from four to 12, and then Allianz hit the brakes and just taped everything up and it didn’t happen.

DAN WETZEL: Number nine, Washington vs. Washington State. Apple cup bitterness? For real?

PAT FORDE: Apple Cup Fury! Last year Washington State won the game and they did what fans do after winning a big rivalry game, they stormed the field. But the game was in Seattle. It was at Washington Stadium! They beat her by their widest margin of all time in the Apple Cup, 27 points. So you combine that with their fans all over your field and plant their flag in midfield. Oh I guess this must lead to some angry Husky fans.

DAN WETZEL: I mean I hope so. It would at least show an impulse from this program. That’s way too high. Under no circumstance. I mean it’s humiliating when the other team storms your field, I agree. But that’s a sign of how bad it is. Number eight, Lane Kiffin versus Jimbo Fisher.

PAT FORDE: He got there first. Kiffin went there first.

PAT FORDE: Yup. On signing day. Irresponsible as hell, Jimbo said.

DAN WETZEL: Yes, he called it a clown act. What is… I think even Lane will probably admit that he acts like a clown sometimes. Number seven, LSU versus Florida. I think that’s what, because of the cleats thrown? What do we have?

PAT FORDE: Well we got the thrown cleats game in 2020. We had last year when LSU won as a 12 and 1/2 point dog. This rivalry has been out of joint for a while. If you go back, do you remember the 2016 hurricane shift? Where LSU basically said Florida is chicken, we’re ready to play, the hurricane won’t be there, you should play the game. It’s been good since then, and then the last two years have been crazy.

DAN WETZEL: Number six, Pat Narduzzi versus Lincoln Riley. The Pitt coach against the USC coach. And obviously Jordan Addison has given his consent. He goes to USC. Was there manipulation?

PAT FORDE: Oh we heard a lot of manipulation thrown around here.

DAN WETZEL: All right, one of my favorites. SMU versus TCU is number five.

PAT FORDE: How about that?

DAN WETZEL: Fight for the iron skillet which I personally like because you could cook from the trophy.

PAT FORDE: Yes you can. Cook out of a trophy or hit someone on the head with it. And I think right now those fans, especially on the SMU side, would love to smack the frogs over the head for taking their trainer. I mean it was a big rivalry for a long time and Sonny Dykes just got up and left. And he is the new coach of TCU. And last year’s game ended with a bunch of the usual hurt feelings because SMU won and then tried to fly a flag. And then there was a fight. You love a good Texas Chippiness Battle.

DAN WETZEL: All right, number four, Brian Kelly vs. Notre Dame fans.

PAT FORDE: Number four and number three, both blue-blood schools that got kicked out by their coach. And–

DAN WETZEL: So number three is Oklahoma fans versus Lincoln Riley.

PAT FORDE: Kicked out by her successful trainer and didn’t handle it very well.

DAN WETZEL: who hates this more Oklahoma fans or Notre Dame fans?

PAT FORDE: Oklahoma fans. Her anger was unbelievable. And then things only got worse when Caleb Williams left and Mario Williams left – the receiver and quarterback. And I just think that her vitriol level was extremely high.

DAN WETZEL: All right, number two on the list. Jim Harbaugh vs Coach Third Base Ryan Day.

PAT FORDE: Yes. That’s when you knew Harbaugh was back in full swing as he threw in the post-game barb after eventually beating Ohio State — and beating them poorly — to win the Big Ten East and go on to win the Big Ten Championship. But when he said, “Sometimes people who are at third base think they hit a three-pointer, but they didn’t,” there was no doubt who he was referring to. As if Ohio State and Michigan needed a little more juice. it has it

DAN WETZEL: Ryan Day, handed over the job in Ohio State, where Bootstrap Jim Harbaugh started at the University of San Diego without a scholarship. Finally, number one, you have the despicable Nick versus Jimbo.



PAT FORDE: Pretty obvious. It’s given us two full podcasts of venom and fury. So a clear number one.

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