Hashtag Trending June 30 – FCC To Ban TikTok; Tesla layoffs; California Department of Justice Privacy Breach

The Federal Communications Commission commissioner is asking Google and Apple to ban TikTok, Tesla has launched another round of layoffs and the California Department of Justice is suffering from a data breach that exposed personal information.

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The FCC commissioner has asked Google and Apple to ban the video app TikTok. Brendan Carr tweeted along with a copy of the letter he sent to Apple and Google, urging the companies to remove TikTok from their app stores. The agency’s senior Republican commissioner pointed to a BuzzFeed News article that showed leaked audio from 80 internal TikTok meetings. The leaked audio revealed that China-based employees at TikTok parent company ByteDance had repeatedly accessed US users’ private information. In his letter to the big tech companies, Carr listed other reports that contained “worrying evidence” regarding TikTok’s data practices. The evidence included instances where researchers discovered that the app can bypass Android and iOS security protections to access sensitive data.

Source: Engadget

Tesla is conducting another round of layoffs targeting employees in its Autopilot division, according to Bloomberg. The electric car company laid off an estimated 200 employees and closed an entire office in San Mateo, California. Some of the office staff were transferred. The news follows Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk’s statement that he wanted to cut jobs because of a “super bad feeling” about the economy. Last week, two former Tesla workers in Nevada filed a lawsuit saying the company broke the law by firing people without providing the notification required by the WARN Act. The law requires large companies, in certain circumstances, to give people 60 days’ notice of a major layoff event.

Source: Business Insider

Personal information of all concealed carry gun owners in California was leaked after the state’s Department of Justice suffered a data breach. NBC News says the county sheriff’s office learned of the violation Tuesday from the California State Sheriff’s Association. The violation occurred as part of the California DOJ’s launch of the “2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal,” the sheriff’s office said in the statement. The state removed the dashboard site along with all related links after learning of the violation. Personal information included full name, age, address, criminal identification number, and license type.

Source: NBC News

People use deepfakes to impersonate someone else in remote job interviews. In a public announcement, the FBI said it has received a surge in complaints about people overlaying another person’s video, images and audio during job interviews. The complaints were linked to remote tech roles that would have given successful candidates access to sensitive data. The FBI revealed the data could include personally identifiable information, financial records and corporate IT databases. Deepfake technology has often been used for entertainment purposes, but the technology also enables new types of threats. The damage that identity could do to someone is worrying, the FBI noted. According to Business Insider, the agency said anyone who has identified deepfake attempts should report the cases on its complaints website.

Source: Business Insider

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