Harnett Central’s Cory Barnes and Tay’Shawn Moore look ahead to the 2022 football season

Harnett Central coach Cory Barnes and player Tay’Shawn Moore attended the HSOT Kickoff to preview the 2022 football season.

and with that trainer Barnes you go from Midway to Party Central. What attracted you to the job and what was it like once you settled in a bit. Um, number one, uh, dear Midway. Um, it was a good place to start my career, um, as head soccer coach, and we did well enough for me to go home, home in Hornet Counties. Um, I graduated from Triton, but Hornet Central was right there. I grew up with Red Ball and Andrew Park. Um, so Hornet Central is right there. That’s what made me want to be closer to my family because I’ve got two little boys and um, and of course I know Horn Central has some really great players and has been successful over the last 10 years, um, when Above all, Mark Morris was there, we went to the national championship. So that kind of stuff made me come back and, you know, to Harnett County and to, uh, Central, I know if you start in some places, but and you have a big list like football, you’re just trying to learn all names. Uh, now that you’re getting a little bit more of a sense of who are some names that will stand out for the church this year, uh, well obviously Tay Tay is making a return, he’s had a ton of yards under coach Gore. Um, and so we’re going to, uh, rely on his leadership and his ability to lead football. Um, aside from that we have some bits that have been trying to put in place, you know, we’re going through installations and trying to figure out what we’ve got kids that need to learn new terminology, learn new languages ​​and um, you know , It’s a complete reset of what we do, with new coaches and kids getting to know us and coming to terms with what we do. So it’s been a good process and they’re starting to pick it up and put it down, what we’re doing, you know, in terms of the scheme of what we’re doing, um, weight room, what we’re doing. Um, so leading the way is a great leader for our program. Um, and they’re starting to believe and be tough, what’s a personal goal you have this year and what’s a team goal you have personally, I want to take the team to a real championship. And as a whole I just want to be successful because last year won’t be successful. Now this year’s success, what do you or the team need to do to achieve the kind of goals you desire? We’ve got to buy in, put it in the on-pitch weight room, contribute, uh, coaches, what, you know, what are some changes that we’re going to see this year, uh, folks who like Friday nights watching the Trojans start, to take notice of this group. Uh, well, you know, since, uh, I was in high school when Mark was there, they were kind of a double version and the difference between us and what I saw in the movie is, you know, us are more RPO Play ax and throw it down the field zone read. As you know, they’ve been more of a triple option with orbital motion for the last few years. So there’s going to be different things that we’re going to ask the quarterback to do. There’s going to be different things that we’ve been asking, you know, they’re running back to learn how to have more leeway and the holes that they’re hitting. And defensively we still want to be physically up front. Um, we’re probably going to be more of a 40 front and a 34 defense just because of the staff and I think we pushed the guys to be physically up front and be successful. But you know, since my time in the middle, we’re at 30 football and then, um, but we’re going to try to be as balanced as possible. So same for you, what can fans look forward to if this year’s group comes out strong? That’s all I have to say. Good. Is this lucky for you this year?

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