Hard West 2 Flynn: Best Loadouts, Skills, Tips & More

Hard West 2 offers a diverse selection of playable characters. From gunslingers and cowboys to exorcists and witches. How you use these characters will determine the outcome of your battles. In today’s guide we are going to discuss the skills and tips for Flynn in Hard West 2.

Hard West 2 is the latest tactical action shooter developed by Ice Code Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. Hard West 2 is a demonic take on the Wild West, filled with grotesque creatures and intriguing characters.

When you’re not out in the wilderness searching for ghosts and demons, you can sit back and chat with your companions to learn more about the backstories. This banter between companions gives them personality and makes you think of them as much more than just generic RPG characters.

Who is Flynn in Hard West 2

Official promotional image for Flynn

Flynn is an orphan, thief, and witch who used her dark gifts to survive in the harsh lands of the hard west. She is experienced in witchcraft and black magic. Flynn’s background remains largely shrouded in mystery.

You have access to Flynn from the start, alongside Gin Carter and Kestrel Colt.

All card abilities for Flynn

A display for Flynn’s skill window.

Before we dive into the abilities of this enigmatic witch, let’s clarify how these abilities are endowed. Abilities and buffs are added to your character in the form of cards. Cards can be obtained by completing missions in Hard West 2.

Each character in Hard West 2 can hold five cards at a time. These cards give you different abilities depending on what poker hand you make from those cards. The ranking of the cards works the same as in poker.

The better hand you have, the more devastating abilities you get. So keep completing missions to unlock more maps, which in turn unlocks more of your passive skills and also allows you to improve your active skills.

It’s a much more refreshing approach to unlocking abilities compared to what we’re usually used to. Now that you know how abilities work in Hard West 2, let’s discuss all of the card abilities for Flynn.

Shadow swap I

main ability
Flynn uses her Shadow Swap ability during the Trick the Executioner mission.

Requirement: default

Shadow Swap is Flynn’s main ability. As the name suggests, this ability allows Flynn to use her sorcery to swap positions with enemies or allies. Shadow Swap can be used to take over vantage points or bring distant enemies within range.

The catch here is that both you and the character you swapped places with lose 1 HP.


  • Requirement: default
  • Riding gives you resistance to burns/cripples. At the same time, you also gain a movement bonus and a 25% reduced chance of being hit.

Bag full of chips

  • Requirement: Loyalty – Ally
  • Pocket Full of Chips gives Flynn a +25 Luck Bonus when her Luck is zero.


  • Requirement: Loyalty – friend
  • Gain a +1 Bullseye damage multiplier. It will happen while you have a Bravado status.

stroke of luck

  • Requirement: Few
  • Stroke of Luck increases your chances of bullseye by 10% at 100 luck.

Shadow Swap II

  • Requirement: two couples
  • An upgraded version of Shadow Swap. Shadow Swap II removes the skill cooldown and allows you to use Shadow Swap multiple times in a turn.


Flynn uses the shotgun in the “Tickets Please” mission.
  • requirement: Three of the same
  • When this skill is unlocked, your shotguns deal +1 more damage.

light footed

  • Requirement: Just
  • Fleet on your feet makes you immune to cripple.

Shadow Exchange III

  • Requirement: Wash
  • The last form of Shadow Swap. Unlocking this will allow you to inflict bleeding status on your enemies.


  • Requirement: Full house
  • Brawler increases your chances of bullseye with a shotgun by 5%.


  • Requirement: Four of a kind
  • Rifleman gives you +1 damage increase when using rifles.

I will not die here

  • Requirement: straight flush
  • “I won’t die here” gives you Duelist status at the start of your turn. This happens every time one of your allies falls in battle.

Remain low key

  • Requirement: Royal flush
  • With Star Low-Key unlocked, you get a Heads Down at the start of your turn and recover from the Burn status.

luck of the devil

  • Requirement: Five of a kind
  • Devil’s Luck doubles your luck stat from missed shots and shelling.

Weapon loadout for Flynn

Shotguns and rifles are our recommended gear for Flynn. As mentioned above, there are a handful of skills that increase the damage of their Shotgun and Rifle. So it’s only natural that you stick with shotguns and rifles when using Flynn in Hard West 2.

Flynn’s shadow swap allows her to get close to her enemies, making the shotgun ideal for this situation. Similarly, the same skill can be used to reach the high ground from which you can finish off enemies with a sniper rifle, making the rifle an ideal weapon for this situation.

Best strategy & tips for Flynn

Flynn uses a pistol on a train.

To quickly get your hands on the best skills for Flynn, start by getting a Two Pair and unlocking Shadow Swap II. After that, keep participating in various missions and get a three of a kind and full house poker hand to maximize your shotgun damage.

You should also prioritize the straight flush combo to earn Duelist status, which can be crucial in turning the tide in your favor. You won’t need the Royal Flush or Five of a Kind perks until much later in the game, so it’s better if you prioritize the perks above first.

Spades should be your top choice for card suits, as these cards on Flynn give her an extra critical damage boost when using shotguns at close range. If you use rifles more often, you should go for “Diamond” instead. Using diamonds for card suits gives Flynn an advantage when using rifles or handguns at long range.

As well as being Flynn’s best ability, Shadow Swap is also one of Hard West 2’s most tactically flexible abilities. This ability gives you plenty of room for experimentation, and the more you use it, the better your understanding will develop.

Below are some tactics you can use with the Shadow Swap ability:

  • You can use Shadow Swap to bring Laughing Deer to a group of enemies that will allow him to use his melee abilities to wipe them out.
  • Likewise, you can go into a group of enemies first, and then replace your position with Old Man Bill. Then Bill can unleash his Deadman’s Revenge ability and destroy all nearby enemies.

This concludes our Flynn in Hard West 2 character guide. Let us know what you think of our guide in the comments section below.

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