Haaland vs Kane, Perisic, £4.0m keeper

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Next up is seven-time top 10k finisher Zophar, who talks about his latest plans for Gameweek 1 and touches on some of the biggest dilemmas facing FPL managers ahead of Friday’s deadline.

It is now less than 48 hours until the Premier League kick-off and there are several questions on my mind which I suspect will be shared by some of you reading this article.

I will share my own thoughts on these hot topics in the following article.

Persian or not?

We all know what Antonio Conte’s full-backs do and like a player with quality in the last third Ivan Perisic (£5.5m) can really thrive in this system. He was very impressive in the last friendly against Roma, often occupying more advanced positions than both son Heung-min (£12.0m) or Harry Kane (£11.5m). I have no doubt that he will become the third most important player on this Spurs team, but the question is, will this happen immediately in the first week of play? Ryan Sessegnon (£4.5m) has had a full pre-season and knows the system well so he may get the signing early on.

However, you will definitely want Perisic on your team in Game 3 when he is at full fitness and games are much more favorable to Spurs. Then instead of booking a transfer I would just start with Perisic and take the potentially bumpy first few weeks on your chin. There’s still every chance he could start against Southampton and if he does he has a very high ceiling.

Third choice for Liverpool

I was pretty hooked Luis Diaz (£8.0m) was my third pick for Liverpool until I saw the Community Shield. Admittedly it is a very small sample size and it is dangerous to base one team’s line-up against Manchester City as they are a very unique side. But I just couldn’t ignore the positions Andrew Robertson (£7.0m) got in, something we’re used to seeing Marco Alonso (£5.5m) at Chelsea. Diaz also came in very offensive positions, but I’m still concerned that his end product might not be on the level we’ve seen from Sadio Mane in previous seasons.

Darwin Nunez (£9.0m) tempts me too, but I’ve gotten a little cold after reading some of Jurgen Klopp’s comments. Virgil van Dijk (£6.5m) and Nunez himself. Diogo Jota (£9.0m) is expected to be fit around matchweeks 3-4 and with Liverpool’s midweek commitments starting around then it feels like taking too wide a risk with Robertson being so certain.

Do you trust Reece James?

After Chelsea’s poor pre-season and the loss of key staff, I was pretty down ReeceJames‘ (£6.0m) prospects for the first few weeks of play. Due to staff shortages, there was even a good chance that he would be used as a third central defender.

The possible signing of Marc Cucurella (£5.0m) is helpful for James as the Spaniard can play at left centre-back which would make that possible Kalidou Koulibaly (£5.5m) to play as right-back, freeing James for the full-back role we know is gold. Everton too Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£8.0m) injured for Gameweek 1 which gives me encouragement about Chelsea’s clean sheet claim. I’m definitely more interested in adding James to my squad than I was two weeks ago after Arsenal’s pre-season game.

FPL pre-season: Trossard scores hat-trick from wing-back role 1

Are you using the £8.0m space for Fixture Jumping?

I’m looking to add an £8.0m midfielder spot to my team that isn’t tied to a Liverpool player. Your games are too good to get rid of in the first five weeks of play, but there’s an opportunity to use that space for targeted games: let’s say start with that Dejan Kulusevski (£8.0m) against Southampton, then switch to Phil Foden (£8.0m) v Bournemouth and up thereafter Bukayo Saka (£8.0m) for matchweeks 3 and 4 against Bournemouth and Fulham again.

I may have to sacrifice one of James or Perisic to achieve what is probably the biggest debate I can think of.

CONTINUE READING: Which £8.0m midfielder has the best numbers?

Haaland or Kane in Gameweek 1?

This is a big decision for Gameweek 1 and if Harry Kane If I were to be my captain in Gameweek 1, I’d have no hesitation in playing for him – but I’ll hand the armband over to him Mohammed Salah (£13.0m) at Fulham. Bournemouth’s current injury/recruitment woes have been well publicized and I’m not ready to go into week two without the great Norwegian as captain.

I usually like to referral in Gameweek 2 so I can get a larger sample of information and then score a point shot in Gameweek 3 with a better idea of ​​the landscape if needed. Booking a transfer seems risky to me, especially when Haaland could easily beat Kane in Gameweek 1. Even if I do I go for the £8.0m slot hopping strategy I can’t afford to book this transfer.

Double with £4.0m Leicester GKs

The availability of two £4.0m goalkeepers at Leicester has made things very interesting for managers looking to squeeze every ounce of value from the position. If Leicester had decent games to start with I could get on board but with that run of play in the first five weeks of play and the transfer window still open I’m not inclined to go there.

I prefer to use Danny Ward (£4.0m) in a rotation with a of Robert Sanchez (£4.5m) or David Raya (£4.5m) and in my opinion the Daniel Iversen (£4.0m)/Ward Double-up lends itself better to the first wild card after the transfer window closes and Leicester have a much better set of games (roughly Gameweek 9 onwards).

My current FPL Gameweek 1 Team Draft

Whatever happens over the opening weekend, don’t worry. Gameweek 1 is the biggest informational reveal of the season, and walking into the first gameweek, we’re all basically Jon Snow. We know nothing!

Happy football and see you next week.

FPL pre-season: Trossard scores hat-trick from wing-back role 2

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