GTA Online tips and tricks that many players are unaware of

GTA Online is packed with many features and gameplay elements that many players may not even be aware of.

Rockstar Games has done a great job adding the smallest details to its open world gameplay, making it one of the most comprehensive online open world multiplayer games on the market today.

Since players can romp about the game however they want, it’s always good to know certain things that might come in handy. With that in mind, let’s look at some tips and tricks that GTA Online players should know.

List of useful tips and tricks in GTA Online

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GTA Online players can use a few in-game tricks to gain an advantage in a situation or simply gain an in-game advantage. While most tips and tricks have been around the web for quite some time, there are still a few that many may have missed over the years.

Here’s a full list of GTA Online tips and tricks that you may find useful:

  • If players put on a mask while being pursued by the police, part of a wanted level in the game will be removed.
  • You can hide in a bush to remove a wanted level.
  • Players can use an ATM after earning money to save it before someone else steals from them.
  • Shooting through car windows allows them to dodge bounties.
  • If they max out the popularity of nightclubs for two weeks, they will get a trophy on their desk.
  • Players can complete Source missions while in invite-only lobbies and avoid a lot of in-game chaos.
  • Franklin can give players a full supply of useful body armor for a price of $5000.
  • Beginners should buy Armored Kuruma and use it as an escape vehicle.
  • Flare guns can be used by players to mimic flares while coming into contact with a stuck missile.
  • By registering an account on the Rockstar Games Social Club, players will receive in-game rewards including an Elegy RH8.
  • You can quickly equip armor from the weapon wheel since The Criminal Enterprises update.
  • Players can time their acceleration with the word “Go” during a race and earn a boost start.

All 12 tips and tricks are very useful in game even in 2022 and players should check them out if they haven’t already.

The interaction menu is also very useful in GTA Online

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Another feature of GTA Online that players are already familiar with, but may not be aware of to its full potential, is the famous interaction menu. It is part of the in-game onscreen GUI and provides access to many helpful gameplay elements in a single place.

Here is a complete list of the useful features available in the interaction menu:

  • Fast GPS
  • Goals
  • inventory
  • action
  • player mood
  • Spontaneous race
  • walking style
  • highlight players
  • Activate passive mode
  • Empty private vehicle
  • Request a private vehicle
  • vehicle remote controls
  • vehicle doors
  • spawn location
  • vehicle access
  • One to one DM time
  • Player Targeting Priority
  • kill yourself

Players can try any of the above features from the in-game interaction menu whenever they want.

Rockstar Games has done a great job of keeping the Los Santos open world large enough for players to use these small but helpful tips and tricks. With regular content updates and weekly additions, every little feature helps players in their daily hustle as they build their criminal empire.

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