Groq™ partners with new client OneNano™ to deliver ultra-low latency for next-generation cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX).

  • OneNano is building next-gen CEX with scalable, ultra-low-latency AI acceleration solutions engineered by Groq.
  • OneNano and Groq are targeting 8,000x acceleration compared to the lowest known CEX latency today.
  • OneNano offers reliability, speed, security, and compliance unmatched by existing vendors.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California., December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Groq announced a new partnership with customer OneNano, a next-generation cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX) platform founded by leading companies with decades of experience in financial and high-speed trading.

Nacer IdrissiCEO and co-founder of OneNano, said: “crypto is in the perfect phase for technological and financial breakthroughs and is ready for a shift from ancient to revolutionary approaches. The next generation of OneNano crypto Exchange platform combines decades of modern traditional finance knowledge with advanced technological resources and financial innovations.”

Six months of work between OneNano and Maxeler Technologies™, a division of Groq, resulted in an official partnership and coordinated plans to build a secure, reliable and compliant platform running on Groq technology. Maxeler develops a new, ultra-low latency crypto Trading platform for OneNano, leveraging its extensive experience in building low-latency trading systems and powerful risk analysis solutions.

“The combined offerings of Groq and Maxeler provide custom technology with high performance, low-latency hardware and deep trading technology expertise ideally suited to OneNano’s unique goals,” commented Tobias BeckerVice President of Research and Development at Maxeler Technologies

In the current CEX landscape, the average latency per exchange, measured at the optimal distance, ranges from eight to 279 milliseconds. OneNano aims to deliver a latency of just 0.001 milliseconds, an 8,000x speedup compared to today’s most popular CEX. OneNano’s ultra-low latency platform will help reduce uncertainty, especially amid heightened market volatility, enable real-time tracking of positions, and provide reassurance of stable exchanges in all conditions.

Recent turmoil in the crypto Space was the result of inexperience and mismanagement, a lack of process and controls, and inadequate security practices. OneNano combines a large number of trading experts, highly disruptive and superior technology to revolutionize the CEX environment, and a unique knowledge of compliance and regulations to lead the future of OneNano cryptocurrency Trade.

Early next year, OneNano will offer market participants exclusive access to test the platform, onboard customers and prepare for its official launch early in Q2 2023. For inquiries, contact OneNano at [email protected].

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