Grooming tips to lose baby face and look older than your age

Some men age faster and look older than they actually arebut some carry the “forever young” curse that keeps them from even seeing their age. For guys about to start college, this is one of the main concerns. After all, you have to be taken seriously in your studies.

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To the Baby-faced menand minimal facial hair it’s even harder as people tend to assume you’re still a school kid. While there are no magic potions to look older overnight, you can follow some grooming tips that can help you add a few years to your face.

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Here are five ways you can do this lose baby faceand look a little older and be taken seriously in college.


1. Get a classy haircut

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A haircut can define your personality and help you look grown up. While unkempt and messy hair can make you look sloppy and childish, a neat and stylish style is. You can go for haircuts that are clean and classic, like a short pompadour, an undercut, or that make you look older than you are.

2. Keep a uniform beard

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Facial hair makes a man look robust and older. Grow stubble and keep it neatly trimmed and even. If you haven’t grown a full beard yet, don’t worry. Some men don’t have it until their mid-20s. You can work your way towards a fuller, more even beard by using the right products, following a beard routine, and maintaining it.

3. Dealing with adult acne

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Acne is a skin problem that mainly affects teenagers but can stay with you into adulthood. Although it’s normal and common, you should have a dermat see and check it out. Acne can affect anyone’s appearance, especially men with baby faces. However, with the right medication and treatment, you can get rid of them for good.

4. Avoid quirky styles

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Although college is a time to experiment with your hair, you need to consider your baby face while choosing a hairstyle or look that will make you look even further like a schoolboy. Avoid quirky highlights, spikes and patterned cuts in your hair to look more mature.

5. Keep yourself neat

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It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a mature beard or mustache to look mature and older. It also comes from the way you dress, the way you speak and walk, and the way you carry yourself. It is also very important to keep your personal hygiene in check. Make sure you trim your nails, keep your face clean, and dress smartly to look older and wiser.

Hope these tips help!

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