Grizzly bear chasing wild horses. watch video

A clip showing one bear The hunt for wild horses in Alberta, Canada has gone viral on social media, shocking netizens.

The clip shows six horses and a foal running for their lives. A few meters away a grizzly bear can be seen hunt them. The camera view from a different angle shows the bear getting closer while the horses continue to gallop.

Watch the video here:

The clip, taken on May 26, was first shared on Facebook last week by the Help Alberta Wildies Society, a group of wild horse conservationists. The group noted that many horses, including adults, have been lost at a faster rate this year and that eight different bears have been spotted on cameras in recent weeks.

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Rex Chapman, a former American basketball player, shared the clip on Twitter and wrote in the comments, “This bear is absolutely moving.” Another Twitter user wrote, “It’s amazing how fast bears are. I wonder if he had the stamina to keep up?”

“The next time someone tells you that wild horses have no natural enemies, send them to me. We are losing a lot of horses this year, earlier and faster than in previous years. Not just the foals. adults too.
The White Spirit gang was right in front of us today and although Serena and Middle gave birth to mares, the only foal in the gang is Malibu. Serena lost her foal within 3 days of giving birth, two years in a row. We caught her on camera today and she is in heat. We’ve had 8 different bears on camera in the last few weeks,” the Help Alberta Wildies Society Facebook post said.

Biologist Sarah Elmeligi was quoted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as saying that studies of bear droppings show that part of their diet contains hoofed mammals and that wild horses fall into this category.
She said bears are opportunistic like most predators. “If a bear is strong and fast enough to take down a foal, it will do it. It’s a very high-calorie, high-protein meal, and this bear hasn’t eaten in five months,” she told the TV network.

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