GM Bob Myers addresses the current roster situation for the Golden State Warriors


The start of the 2022-2023 NBA season has not been easy for the current NBA champions. In fact, GM Bob Myers has already taken his toll for speaking out what he thinks about this situation.

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry on the bench
© Sean Gardner/Getty ImagesGolden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry on the bench

That Warriors of the Golden State never played so top-class as in the past season. Many reasons could be discussed. For example less vacation, more internal problems than usual and the young team that sits on the bench for every game. However, it wasn’t always like that. In fact, it has never been the same within the Dubs organization since Steve Kerr arrived.

Since the 2014 season, the warriors have never had such problems. Nobody within the squad had problems, the bench was deep defensively and offensively which led to that Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, and Draymond Green being rested enough to close victories for the dubs.

However, it appears the Warriors’ front office is being run Bob Myers forgot how to design and build a championship contender team. For example, there are not enough good bench players make good rotationand those who are supposed to carry the team in the second unit are unable to keep up with the game. However, Myers addressed all of this himself To ponder.

Warriors News: GM Bob Myers addresses the current roster situation

On 95.7 The Game Show hosted by Steiny and Guru, the GM of the Warriors Bob Myers explained that his plan for the young stars, laid out over the past few NBA events, was beginning to fall apart due to the inexperienced five-man lineup that Steve Kerr is fielding. “You design what you think is the best man, then the challenge is to find a way to make them fit and I think at least this season we realized early on that it wasn’t looking very good, a lot of youngsters together to play.

The Warriors GM talks about the situation with young talents such as Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moodyand James Wiseman. In fact, the last No. 2 overall pick has been indefinitely sent to the NBA G League team, the Warriors, the Santa Cruz, meaning he’s clearly needing a lot more time than usual to get fit for the NBA level .

Indeed, in the last game rotation against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kerr sent out the young team led by Draymond Green for the first time in a while. Which was mentioned earlier in the week. There is another problem within the Warriors, however, with Stephen Curry being seen by television unhappy at seeing how poorly the team is performing. “If you were the GM and you had it, it’s almost like a cheat code and your responsibility is not to screw it up,” Myers said. “Don’t screw up his career.” Myers said on the latest episode of “All the Smoke.”

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