Georgia’s football defensive line is looking to prove it has what it takes to be “championship caliber” in 2022

“I’m not questioning our talent at all,” said defender Zion Logue. “We have everything we need in our room to be ready to be a championship-level team. We just have to put in the work to be there.”

Logue could be the face and voice of the defensive line this year. He’s seen the field before when Georgia rotates heavily on their defensive line. Logue has played 20 games in his Georgia career, including every game last season. He had 11 tackles, one of which was a sack in a win over Auburn.

But this year he’s being pushed into bigger roles. He is expected to take over Davis’ position at the center of the defensive line. He is also entrusted with managerial responsibilities that Davis also held.

Logue isn’t as boisterous as Davis – almost nobody – but the junior from is challenging himself to be more vocal this year.

“A lot of people try to put it on me, but I’m just a person,” Logue said. “I know I’m willing to work and do what I can.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart echoes much of what Logue said Thursday. He knows there are high expectations for this line of defence, and the question is what needs to replace it.

He knows the work that people like Logue, Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins and Jalen Carter have put in to get to this point.

“They’re not Jordan Davis and Devonte Wyatt, and we don’t require them to be,” Smart said. “If they were these guys, they would have been out there a lot more last year. So we’re curious to see where they are. Optimistic these guys will be very productive.”

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This is where we should probably spend some time talking about the defender Georgia is most optimistic about in Jalen Carter. Even on last year’s strained defense, Carter found a way to stand out. He finished second on the team in quarterback pressure and also had an important field goal block in the national championship game.

Georgia won’t ask him to be the next Wyatt or Walker. But being the best version of himself would make him one of the best players in college football.

“Just being him,” Logue said of Carter. “As a strong enforcer, he won’t be blocked, he won’t want you to touch him. Whenever he can swing you fast or get you off him, then he’s at his best.”

If Carter is at his best, Georgia could have a defender putting up some snappy stats. That wasn’t the case for Georgia’s defensive line last season, as Walker led the group with 6.0 sacks on the season.

The strength of last year’s line of defense, and indeed of all defense, was that you didn’t have to deal with just one. The Bulldogs were able to overwhelm teams with wave after wave of talent.

It’s still early days and some players have to prove themselves. But as fall camp begins, Georgia feels like it has all the ingredients on the defensive line to repeat its winning recipe from last season.

“They look at us like this guy doesn’t have 10 sacks, this guy doesn’t have 17 TFLs,” Logue said. “Shoot, we have 11 5-stars on the field. We have 11 of these guys on the field. It’s a race for the ball. We all play for each other.”

Zion Logue is confident that the Georgian football defense line is up

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