Georgia Football’s $80 million renovations prove it means more

Providing Georgian football with the best possible facilities has been one of the top priorities since head coach Kirby Smart arrived in Athens.

Now that the $80 million renovation is complete, the Dawgs have the best facilities in college football. You should have the best as an SEC school because it’s the top conference – you know, it just means more.

Smart knew that upgrading the facilities would allow them to attract better recruits and make the program more successful.

Some don’t understand why buildings can help people do this, but it’s true.

Georgia Football has the best facilities in college football.

Nutrition, the weight room, indoor exercise facilities, and everything in between are critical to program success.

It allows the football program to be on another level and give the players everything they need to be successful.

These renovations were long overdue. Before Smart came to Athens they had to pass, but that’s not the point. It got done, and that’s all that matters because it helped get the program to where it is now.

Since the Dawgs have the indoor field, it’s been a difference maker. I mean hello, 33-18 2021 National Championship win.

This latest update to the Butts-Mehere Heritage Hall is even more incredible.

They expanded the weight room, added a nutrition area and the locker rooms are incredible – there’s so much good in this renovation it’s hard not to appreciate.

From the various artworks to the overall design, it was classically made and embodied Georgian football.

It’s great to see Georgia getting the facilities this program deserves. The Dawgs want to compete every year, and having these kinds of amenities on campus helps bring the right players onto the field.

Plus, seeing these 2021 National Championship features makes it so much cuter because they worked so hard for this, and now they have a beautiful setup to showcase them.

Georgia knows what recruits and players want and they designed this with everyone in mind and now they have the best football facility.

We said Georgia could start building its dynasty, and this facility upgrade is one of the things it takes to truly start one of them.

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