Georgia Football 2023 Signees Final Recruitment Rankings, Commitments, Goals

The four major recruiting services — On3, 247, ESPN, and Rivals — have all made their final ranking updates for the 2023 cycle, giving us our best understanding of Georgia’s recruiting tier yet.

Overall, the Bulldogs sit in the No. 2 recruit bracket for the 2023 cycle. Twenty-five players signed during the early signing phase, with 18 of those members already on campus for Georgia. Some, like cornerback AJ Harris and linebacker CJ Allen, did bowl practice with the Bulldogs during their national championship run.

In all, seven signers graduated with 5 stars from at least one service, and 22 of the 25 signers were rated 4 stars by at least one of the services. One of those 3 stars is kicker Peyton Woodring, who is the #1 kicker on both ESPN and 247.

Georgia is expected to expand its recruiting route next week. Offensive tackle signing Jamal Meriweather is expected to sign with Georgia on Wednesday, while priority tight end targets Walker Lyons and Duce Robinson are set to announce their recruiting decisions on National Signing Day.

Below is the full breakdown of Georgia’s Recruitment Class for the 2023 Cycle, also detailing the Recruitment Ranking for each service.

Georgia Football 2023 Signers Recruitment Rankings

* Denotes early bird

(Federal ranking/position ranking/state ranking)

*5-star Damon Wilson, Edge Rusher (OLB for UGA), Venice, Fla., 6ft-5, 235lbs: On3 consensus: #20 overall, #3 at his position, #5 player in Florida . 247Sports Composite: #20 overall, #3 at position, #4 player in Florida. On3 raw: 22/5/5. Competitors: No. 11/3/4. ESPN: 4/35/11. 247Sports raw: 45/5/11.

*5-star Jordan Hall, defenseman (DT for UGA), Jacksonville, Fla., 6ft-3, 310lbs: On3 consensus: No. 25 overall, No. 4 at his position, No. 6 player in Florida . 247Sports Composite: 39.4.10. On3 raw: 13/2/2. Competitors: 16/4/6. ESPN: 152/11/37. 247Sport raw 12/2/3

*5-star Raylen Wilson, inside linebacker, Tallahassee, Fla., 6-ft-1, 225 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 29 overall, No. 4 at his position, No. 7 player in Florida. 247 Sport Composite: 27/3/7. On3 raw: 18/1/3. Competitors: 79/6/18. ESPN: 15/2/4. 247Sports raw: 21/2/5

*5-Star Monroe Freeling, offensive tackle, Mount Pleasant, SC., 6-ft-7, 290 pounds: On3 Consensus: #32 overall, #5 at his position, #1 player in South Carolina. 247 Sport Composite: 32/5/1. On3 raw: 7/1/1. Competitors: 53/5/1. ESPN: #56/5/1. 247Sports raw: 33/6/1.

*4-Star AJ Harris, Cornerback, Phenix City, Ala. 6ft, 190lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 39 overall, No. 3 at position, No. 5 player in Alabama. 247 Sport Composite: 41/3/5. On3 raw: 87/10/8. Competitors: 41/5/5. ESPN: 37/4/4. 247Sports raw: 27/2/1

*4-star Sam M’Pemba, Edge Rusher (OLB for UGA), Saint Louis, Mo. (attended IMG Academy), 6ft-3, 255lbs: On3 Consensus: #44 overall, #6 at him position, No. 12 player in Florida. 247Sports Composite: 47/8/11. On3 raw: 136/15/27. Competitors: 10/2/2. ESPN: 3/33/9. 247Sports raw: 11/81/16

*4-star Joenel Aguero, safety, Danvers, Ma., 5-ft-11, 191 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 47 overall, No. 3 at his position, No. 2 player in Massachusetts. 247 Sport Composite: 37/3/2. On3 raw: 38/3/1. Competitors: 78/2/5. ESPN: 27/3/2/. 247Sports raw: 29/2/2

*4-star Gabe Harris, Edge Rusher (OLB for UGA), Valdosta, Ga. (attended IMG Academy), 6-foot-4, 245 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 67 overall, No. 9 at his position , No. 16. Player in Florida. 247Sports Composite: 65/12/16. On3 raw: 101/12/21. Rivals: 46/5/12. ESPN: 101/12/25. 247Sports raw: 13.96.20.

*4-Star Pearce Spurlin, tight end, Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., 6ft 6, 240lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 68 overall, No. 2 at position, No. 17 player in Florida. 247Sports Composite: 76/2/19. On3 raw: 73/3/17. Competitors: 50/13/3. ESPN: 160/5/40. 247Sports raw: 105/5/25.

*4-star CJ Allen, inside linebacker, Barnesville, Georgia, 6ft, 226lbs: On3 consensus: #76 overall, #6 at his position, #4 player in Georgia. 247Sport Composite: 72/5/4. On3 raw: 145/13/13. Competitors: 82/6/4. ESPN: 97/2/5. 247Sport raw: 48/4/4.

4-Star Troy Bowles, inside linebacker, Tampa, Fla., 6ft, 206lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 88 overall, No. 7 at position, No. 21 player in Florida. 247Sport Composite: 80/6/20. On3 raw: 226/22/45. Competitors: 86/7/22. ESPN: 4/41/12. 247Sports raw: 67/6/14.

*4-star Tyler Williams, wide receiver, Lakeland, Fla., 6ft-2, 200lbs: On3 consensus: No. 91 overall, No. 18 at his position, No. 22 player in Florida. 247Sports Composite: 93/17/23. On3 raw: 68/10/15. Competitors: 132/20/29. ESPN: 157/21/39. 247Sport raw: 110/17/28.

4-Star Bo Hughley, offensive tackle, Fairburn, Ga., 6-ft-6, 295 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 127 overall, No. 11 at his position, No. 8 player in Georgia. 247 Sport Composite: 110/11/6. On3 raw: Unrated/25/34. Competitors: 104/6/6. ESPN: 108/9/7. 247Sports raw: 80/10/8.

*4-star Lawson Luckie, tight end, Norcross, Georgia, 6ft-3, 240lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 144 overall, No. 8 at his position, No. 11 player in Georgia. 247Sport Composite: 143/8/10. On3 raw: 127/7/11. Competitors: 224/13/17. ESPN: 252/8/23. 247Sport raw: 68/2/6.

*4-star Roderick Robinson, running back, San Diego, Calif., 6-ft-1, 238 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 151 overall, No. 10 at his position, No. 11 player in California. 247Sport Composite: 190/14/14. On3 raw: 259/16/16. Competitors: 57/3/6. ESPN: 284/20/21. 247Sports raw: 241/19/14.

4-star Daniel Harris, cornerback, Miami, Fla., 6-foot-2, 175 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 162 overall, No. 18 at his position, No. 35 player in Florida. 247Sport Composite: 163/19/36. On3 raw: 55/6/13. Competitors: 230/29/42. ESPN: 154/17/38. 247Sport: unranked/32/55.

4-Star Chris Peal, cornerback, Charlotte, NC, 6-ft-1, 190 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 166 overall, No. 21 at his position, No. 5 player in North Carolina. 247Sport Composite: 182/22/6. On3 raw: 83/9/4. Competitors: unranked / 18 in safety / 8th ESPN. 208/26/7. 247Sport raw: 232/25/8.

*4-Star Jamaal Jarett, defensive tackle, Greensboro, NC., 6-ft-5, 380 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 182 overall, No. 20 at his position, No. 6 player in North Carolina. 247Sport Composite: 175/18/5. On3 raw: unranked/53/14. Competitors: 68/7/2. ESPN: unrated/29/16. 247Sports raw: 94/13/4

4-star Kelton Smith, inside offensive line (guard for UGA), Columbus, Georgia, 6-ft-4, 315 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 186 overall, No. 13 at his position, No. 14 player in georgia . 247Sports Composite: 208/10/19. On3 raw: 106/8/6. Competitors: unranked/55/53. ESPN: 256/20/24. 247Sport raw: 183/17/8.

*4-Star Anthony Evans, wide receiver, Converse, Texas, 5ft-10, 155lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 197 overall, No. 28 at his position, No. 35 player in Texas. 247Sport Composite: 205/29/36. On3 raw: unranked/43/56. Competitors: 158/29/29. ESPN: 176/24/28. 247Sport raw: 230/30/39

*4-Star Yazeed Haynes, wide receiver, Lansdale, Penn., 6-ft-1, 170 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 227 overall, No. 32 at his position, No. 2 player in Pennsylvania. 247Sport Composite: 198/27/2. On3 raw: 109/18/2. Competitors: 210/33/3. ESPN: 254/30/4. 247Sports raw: unranked/47/5.

*4-star Justyn Rhett, cornerback (safety for UGA), Las Vegas, Nevada, 6ft, 183lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 351 overall, No. 40 at position, No. 3 player in Nevada. 247 Sport Composite: 317/33/3. On3 raw: unranked/37/3. Competitors: unranked/51/3. ESPN: 218/28/2. 247Sports raw: unranked/67/7.

*3-star Joshua Miller, inside offensive line (guard for UGA), 6ft-4, 315lbs: On3 consensus: No. 350 overall, No. 51 at his position, No. 13 player in Virginia. 247Sport Composite: 642/56/15. On3 raw: unranked/33/14. Competitors: unranked/44/6. ESPN: unrated/19/9. 247Sport: unranked/41/21.

3-Star Kyron Jones, Athlete (Safety for UGA), Charlotte, NC, 6ft, 193lbs: On3 Consensus: #666 overall, #24 at his position, #20 player in North Carolina. 247Sport Composite: 656/42/21. On3 raw: unranked/12/16. Competitors: unranked/45/25. ESPN: Unranked/42/18. 247Sports raw: unranked/41/21.

3-Star Peyton Woodring, kicker, Lafayette, La., 5-ft-10, 165 pounds: On3 consensus: No. 1829 overall, No. 2 at his position, No. 67 player in Louisiana. 247Sports Composite: Unranked/1/58. Unranked by On3 raw and Rivals. ESPN: unrated/31.1. 247Sports raw: unranked/41/21.

Georgia Football 2023 Engagement Recruitment Rankings

3-star Jamal Meriweather, offensive tackle, Brunswick, Georgia, 6-ft-6, 285 pounds: On3 Consensus: No. 626 overall, No. 38 at his position, No. 62 player in Georgia. 247Sport Composite: 474/30/51. On3 raw: 195/13/20. Unranked by rivals. ESPN: Unranked/42/40. 247Sports raw: unranked/32/44

Georgia Football 2023 targets recruitment rankings

5-star Duce Robinson, tight end, Pinnacle, Az., 6-ft-6, 225 pounds: On3 consensus: #23 overall, #1 at his position, #1 player in Arizona. 247Sport Composite: 17/1/1. On3 raw: 23.1.1. Competitors: 25/1/1. ESPN: 40/1/1. 247Sports raw: 19/1/1.

4-Star Walker Lyons, Tight End, Folsom, Calif., 6ft-4, 225lbs: On3 Consensus: No. 119 overall, No. 7 at his position, No. 10 player in California. 247 Sport Composite: 123/5/10. On3 raw: 240/13/15. Competitors: 102/4/8. ESPN: 117/2/9. 247Sports raw: 156/9/11

Georgia Football 2023 Early Beginners

Damon Wilson, Jordan Hall, Raylen Wilson, Monroe Freeling, AJ Harris, Sam M’Pemba, Joenel Aguero, Gabe Harris, Pearce Spurlin, CJ Allen, Tyler Williams, Lawson Luckie, Roderick Robinson, Jamaal Jarrett, Anthony Evans, Yazeed Haynes, Justyn Rhett, Joshua Miller.

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