Genshin Impact: 10 tips for beginners

Few mediums have such a strong foundation that allows them to rise in popularity over time, rather than decline as most mediums do as time passes, and Genshin Impact – similar to Fourteen days, fall guys, League of Legendsand the revival of Cyberpunk 2077 – was one of the few that has grown exponentially with each passing year, not only in popularity but also in terms of content within the game. Since Genshin Impact has only grown since 2020, but there is much to consider for both new and returning players to ensure the optimal experience and enjoyment across Teyvat.


Always check the mail

Although the community often complains that Primogems are hard to come by, miHoYo is actually quite generous when it comes to Primogems and other in-the-mail gifts for players to purchase on a weekly basis.

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Mail always comes for all sorts of reasons, but they’re commonly seen with a ton of mora (the game’s currency), primogems, food, recipes, and the like, which are hugely helpful in any traveler’s journey. Getting used to checking the mail daily can yield some hefty rewards and should definitely be part of every player’s routine.

Commissions are important!

Not long after starting the game, players eventually reach an adventure rank that allows them to accept daily commissions that help rake in many rewards – all of which are useful in some way.

Increasing the Adventure rank – which subsequently allows players to increase all sorts of levels and stats and break free from restrictions – opens up a whole new world of possibilities with Genshin Impact from new regions, exclusive quests, and more to ensure as many Genshin Impact offerings are squeezed out as possible.

Don’t think of Genshin Impact as a live service

The biggest problem with live service games is that since they are mostly free to play, they tend to lure consumers in all directions and this can absolutely kill the vibe and longevity of the time invested in the game.

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Even though Genshin Impact Being free-to-play, it can be enjoyed almost entirely without spending a single penny. Treat Genshin Impact As a massive standalone JRPG that happens to be free, the fun increases tenfold, and miHoYo is very good at not shoving shop-related content down a player’s throat.

Oculi + Seelies = Stop everything

There are two objects in the overworld of Genshin Impact that deserve the most attention from players no matter what is done: Oculi and Seelies. The orb-like matter of each is very useful when you need to sacrifice at a Statue of the Seven and acquire chests of all rarities, and these should always take precedence when you take a look at one.

Offerings on statues can help tremendously when it comes to perks like using stamina, which is very useful when you need to climb or slide for long periods of time, and the chests that can be found sporadically throughout Genshin Impact Offer rewards that help with leveling up, leveling, crafting and more essential to a character’s survivability.

Don’t be afraid of multiplayer

Genshin Impact is primarily a single player experience, but it features a co-op mode where players can jump to other worlds at any time as long as they have no restrictions set. While this may sound intimidating for new players, Genshin Impact is primarily PVE when multiplayer is enabled, so it’s best to consider multiplayer as support.

This can be a pretty useful tool especially for new players as the community of Genshin Impact Players who have put a lot of time into it love helping lower level players unlock waypoints in locations that would otherwise prove too difficult, or assisting with quests and domains that would be overwhelming for someone starting out.

Stock up on ingredients

Ingredients and materials of all kinds can be found everywhere Genshin Impact, but thankfully they can also be acquired from various stores like Mondstadt and Liyue to help with recipes and crafts that require a lot of inventory gathering. A traveler’s backpack is practically bottomless, so anything and everything should be taken with you if the opportunity arises.

Food should be prepared plentifully as it can help maintain HP, revives, stat boosts and more which are essential to a traveler’s journey as there really is no other way to regain sanity than a statue of the Seven to visit or constantly change party members.

It’s ok to explore

The scale cannot be denied Genshin Impact That leaves rewards, loot, and treasure at almost every corner of the game’s vast world, and this makes exploration a real pleasure, as there’s a constant sense of progress even when you get lost.

It might seem daunting at first, but Genshin Impact has a vibrant, scalable world that should be explored whenever the opportunity arises, and there’s always the added convenience of being able to find new waypoints to teleport home to safety whenever a player sees fit . Exploring also helps unlock new visuals on the map when a new Statue of the Seven is found. So there are multiple benefits to exploring as there is so much to discover Genshin Impact.

Familiarize yourself with weapons and artifacts

Leveling a group of characters is all well and good, but they won’t be able to dish out damage to their maximum potential without the right weapons and artifacts.

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Artifacts and weapons are found in a variety of ways, including pulls, and are easy to get, but making sure they’re leveled up properly by enhancing and fusing other materials will ensure all artifacts and weapons are at their most efficient.

Don’t stress about new banners and characters

This fear of missing out can be annoying whenever a rare, limited-time event, item, etc. is introduced in a game, and in Genshin ImpactIn this case, they tend to generate huge popularity as new characters with rotating banners are introduced through various updates, milestones, and events alongside them.

It might be tempting and scary to want to get every single character that comes out, but many characters can be unlocked (and underrated) through the game in the normal way, without having to spend Primogems. While it’s no doubt tempting to get the next appealing character that’s released, it’s best to teach yourself not to stress about them and focus on making an existing group as strong as possible.

Save your Primogems

Primogems can feel like gold at times because they help unlock new characters and weapons when they come out, but unless a player really wants it – especially if it’s a five-star character or a five- Star Weapon trades – is it best to save Primogems? Don’t stress out about a lack of them or feel the need to spend an absurd amount of money.

New characters and weapons are coming out all the time, and luckily miHoYo has a trial feature with new updates, allowing players to try out move sets and more before committing to a Primogem deposit. It’s one of the biggest mistakes of Genshin Impact Players, so staying conservative is largely beneficial.

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