Gala Games plans for mobile gaming, GALA as primary token

Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform that rewards users with in-game and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has revealed its plans for 2023.

Gala Games strategy

According to a report published on Jan. 29, the platform’s goal this year is to continue supporting the broader gaming ecosystem, making the move to mobile and gaining market share while anchoring its strategy on four main pillars, namely sharing updates, conquering mobile devices, protecting utility and staying visible.

Gala Games has stated that all games within its ecosystem will use GALA as their primary token. GALA is the gaming portal’s native currency and allows users to vote on suggestions.

The platform uses blockchain technology and aims to be a leader in this space. Gala Games continued to forge valuable partnerships over the months, including 2022, as gambling activity declined due to an extended bear market that saw crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum lose more than half from their 2021 highs.

To build on this foundation, Gala Games is committing over $300 million to support projects in the gaming ecosystem. Of this amount, the platform provided 50% of the amount.

They revealed that they still work with Gamedia, Artic 7 and Shiver Entertainment, among others. In addition to partnering with external game developers, Gala Games works with their in-house game developers. The platform then informed the community that it plans to reboot Town Star in partnership with The Walking Dead Empires. Likewise, several game titles will be launched in 2023 and 2024.

The price of GALA is trending upwards in the daily chart. Source: GALAUSDT trade view

Switch to mobile

This year, Gala Games added, they expect more intellectual property holders to join their growing ecosystem. Some of them include PokeGo and AMC. On January 23, Gala Games announced the acquisition of Ember Entertainment and its gaming portfolio of over 15 games. Combined, these games have been downloaded over 20 million times since deployment.

With their plans to move to mobile devices, they will provide players with web3 games like Meow Match and Aqua Blast. Meow Match, Gala Games added, will be the first to integrate a monetization strategy. The decision to relocate has been part of Gala Games’ strategic plan over the years. In doing so, as expected by the more than 2.8 billion mobile gamers, they expect to maintain high quality and give gamers the opportunity to take their digital assets into their own hands.


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