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The USA men’s national team’s chances of making it to the knockout rounds of the 2022 World Cup were shattered when Gareth Bale struck from the penalty spot in Monday’s draw against Wales. However, if Gregg Berhalter’s side could achieve a positive result against England, it would undoubtedly be all forgiving.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. The Americans haven’t had too much success against their English cousins ​​over the years; The USMNT has only recorded two victories against the Three Lions in their history. However, they have also never suffered a World Cup defeat to their former overlords, drawing 1–1 in the 2010 replay of the competition and beating heavily favored England in 1950.

With players like Tyler Adams, Christian Pulisic, Antonee “Jedi” Robinson and Matt Turner all having experience in the English top flight, the USA have their own Premier League talent to call on. It’s hard to say that this particular group of players has ever faced a side as impressive as England, certainly not on the global stage.

Nevertheless, it was already a World Cup full of surprises. Perhaps the US can add to the list?

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So here’s what you need to know to watch Friday’s USA vs England game online for free.

USA vs England free live stream

American fans will have their pick when it comes to streaming options. Multiple platforms will feature the USA-England game, supported by English and Spanish language broadcasters.

New fuboTV users can benefit from a free trial just in time for the World Cup.

English Spanish
date Nov 25 Nov 25
Time (ET / PT) 2 p.m./11 a.m 2 p.m./11 a.m
TV Fox Telemundo
Live broadcast fuboTV,,
Fox Sports app
peacock premium,,
Telemundo Deportes app

Watch USA vs Wales online

For existing cable, satellite, and US Peacock subscribers, there are other ways to watch the game online.

How cable and satellite subscribers can watch the World Cup

Subscribers to cable, fiber or satellite services can watch games in English or Spanish via authentication with their existing subscription login:

  • English:, Fox Sports App
  • Spanish:, Telemundo Deportes app

Here’s how Peacock subscribers can stream World Cup

Existing Peacock subscribers can live stream any FIFA World Cup match in Spanish as Telemundo and Universo broadcast simulcast as both Spanish language channels are part of the NBC family of networks.

Game replays on Fox’s Tubi in 4K

Fox’s free streaming platform, Tubi, will have a channel dedicated to the World Cup, with highlights, analysis and match replays in 4K.

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World Cup live stream schedule on fuboTV

Here is the full overview of the matches available to stream on fuboTV in English and Spanish throughout the tournament.

World Cup group stage

Friday 25th Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
5 am Wales vs Iran fuboTV
8 o’clock Qatar vs Senegal fuboTV
11 clock Netherlands vs Ecuador fuboTV
14 o’clock England vs USA fuboTV

Saturday 26 Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
5 am Tunisia vs Australia fuboTV
8 o’clock Poland vs Saudi Arabia fuboTV
11 clock France vs Denmark fuboTV
14 o’clock Argentina vs Mexico fuboTV

Sunday 27 Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
5 am Japan vs Costa Rica fuboTV
8 o’clock Belgium vs Morocco fuboTV
11 clock Croatia vs Canada fuboTV
14 o’clock Spain versus Germany fuboTV

Monday 28 Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
5 am Cameroon vs. Serbia fuboTV
8 o’clock South Korea vs Ghana fuboTV
11 clock Brazil vs. Switzerland fuboTV
14 o’clock Portugal vs Uruguay fuboTV

Tuesday 29th Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
10 am Netherlands vs Qatar fuboTV
10 am Ecuador vs Senegal fuboTV
14 o’clock Iran vs USA fuboTV
14 o’clock Wales vs England fuboTV

Wednesday 30 Nov

time (ET) Fit stream
10 am Tunisia versus France fuboTV
10 am Australia vs Denmark fuboTV
14 o’clock Poland vs Argentina1a fuboTV
14 o’clock Saudi Arabia vs Mexico fuboTV

Thursday December 1st

time (ET) Fit stream
10 am Croatia vs Belgium fuboTV
10 am Canada vs Morocco fuboTV
14 o’clock Japan vs Spain fuboTV
14 o’clock Costa Rica versus Germany fuboTV

Friday December 2nd

time (ET) Fit stream
10 am South Korea vs Portugal fuboTV
10 am Ghana vs Uruguay fuboTV
14 o’clock Cameroon vs Brazil fuboTV
14 o’clock Serbia vs. Switzerland fuboTV

World Cup Round of 16 (3-6 Dec)

date Fit time (ET) stream
Sat 3 Dec A1 vs. B2 10 am fuboTV
Sat 3 Dec C1 vs. D2 14 o’clock fuboTV
Sun, December 4th D1 vs. C2 10 am fuboTV
Sun, December 4th B1 vs A2 14 o’clock fuboTV
Mon, December 5th E1 vs. F2 10 am fuboTV
Mon, December 5th G1 vs. H2 14 o’clock fuboTV
Tue, Dec 6 F1 vs. E2 10 am fuboTV
Tue, Dec 6 H1 vs. G2 14 o’clock fuboTV

World Cup Quarterfinals (9-10 Dec)

date Fit time (ET) stream
Fri, Dec 9 QF1: E1/F2 against G1/H2 10 am fuboTV
Fri, Dec 9 QF2: A1/B2 versus C1/D2 14 o’clock fuboTV
Sat, Dec 10 QF3: F1/E2 against H1/G2 10 am fuboTV
Sat, Dec 10 QF4: B1/A2 versus D1/C2 14 o’clock fuboTV

World Cup Semifinals (13-14 Dec)

date Fit time ET stream
Tue, Dec 13 QF2 winner vs. QF1 winner 14 o’clock fuboTV
Wed, Dec 14 QF4 winner vs. QF3 winner 14 o’clock fuboTV

World Cup third (17.12.)

date Fit time (ET) stream
Sat, Dec 17 loser in the semifinals 10 am fuboTV

World Cup final (Sun, 18.12.)

date Fit time (ET) stream
Sun, December 18th Semifinal Winner 10 am fuboTV

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