Four strange stories about football

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So in this post, we recall four strange stories that happened to athletes or teams.

Butt Fumble Story

In fact, this story already has its own Wikipedia page and has gone down in American Football history for generations to come to learn and marvel at. The 2012 season was a minor low point for the New York Jets, and to be honest, it was a two-decade low point by this point.

And yet it wasn’t worse, because worse was to come. At the Thanksgiving Day game against the New England Patriots, quarterback Mark Sanchez pulled off what became one of the most hilarious and also one of the most infamous stories imaginable.

On the 1st and 10th of her own 30, Sanchez grabbed the ball and then botched a designed fake throw/handover. Trying to get the maximum out of the game he knew was broken, Sanchez rushed forward and, completely unexpectedly, slid face-first into the buttocks of his own right guard Brandon Moore.

With everyone engrossed in this entertaining scene, the ball broke loose and the Pats recovered the fumble for a touchdown.

This is, and remains, probably one of the funniest stories for the NFL in years, and the culmination of that moment has been carried out at least once a day for the next five years.

The story of the sticky helmet

For many years, the Patriots have had brilliant results in the Super Bowl, but obviously not when they faced the New York Giants. This was probably some kind of karma, because twice in the biggest game of the season, the Patriots somehow lost to Eli Manning for strange reasons.

The strangest story of a loss, however, came in 2008 with an incredible twist. Manning and seldom used wide receiver David Tyree pulled off what can be described as the most unrealistic throw-and-catch in NFL history. Manning escaped the pressure when he was 5 in third and five down at 1:15 and slung the ball over Tyree’s head.

What happened next, no one could explain. Tyree dragged the ball down and the ball suddenly stuck to his helmet like it had a magnet or something. The Patriots lost this time and the story became one of the Super Bowl legends to be told for generations to come.

A fan showering with soccer champions

A weird and funny story happened during Super Bowl XIII when a fan somehow slipped into the Steelers locker room after the team defeated the Cowboys.

One of the cameramen, Steve Sabol, was walking into the dressing room to be one of the first to do behind-the-scenes videos when he suddenly noticed an unfamiliar face. The man he didn’t know was a “little bald guy” who obviously wasn’t part of the team and wasn’t a coach or gear guy.

Sabol recalled spending enough time with the Steelers to recognize the team and most of the people who worked with the team, but this man was nowhere near someone he knew. So sabol went to joe greene at his locker for an interview and this unknown guy came out of the shower and started getting dressed near the locker next to joe and when sabol asked joe who this guy was said Joe Greene, he doesn’t I don’t know.

In fact, Sabol said this unidentified man started answering reporters’ questions until they realized he wasn’t actually an athlete. He then got dressed and left without actually identifying himself.

The FBI is looking for a stolen jersey

After Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady reported that his jersey was missing. He was surprised and couldn’t find it, so he started looking for it and eventually the whole thing was investigated by the FBI.

A teenager sparked the investigation and the FBI got involved to find out the jersey was stolen. As they found out, it wasn’t the first time this reporter had stolen. During the investigation, they found another Brady Super Bowl jersey and some memorabilia from the previous year’s game. They ended up finding videos of this reporter stealing these things. However, the reporter was not arrested because Brady declined to press charges.

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