Forgotten games with great opening sequences

Like TV show pilots, game opening movies need to captivate viewers with interesting scenes and set the tone while giving them a glimpse of what to expect in terms of lore, graphics, and mechanics. Most gamers will think of top notch and current AAA games when they think of best opening movies.

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However, there are definitely games out there that have flown under the radar or otherwise been forgotten, that begin with incredible opening sequences that movie directors could be green with envy.


8/8 Resident Evil: Director’s Cut

One could argue that resident Evil will not be forgotten as the franchise is still alive and well, although not many would know about the Director’s Cut resident evil 1. It included some exciting changes from the base version of resident evil 1including a demo for the sequel, changes to enemy and item placement, and a brand new opening sequence.

Featuring an FMV version of the original opening of the STARS members making a daring escape to the Spencer Mansion, the opening sequence was memorable and injected some much-needed humor.

7/8 Parasite Eve

The protagonist of Parasite Eve faces a woman in red who looms over her.

This PS2 cult classic has garnered a significant following, with die-hard fans clamoring for a reboot to revisit the game with updated graphics and controls. However, many have forgotten the existence Parasite Evealthough rumors of a remake are still circulating.

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The opening of the original Parasite Eve is one to remember fondly, with epic guitar riffs interspersed with inspirational piano melodies, as well as captivating scenes of the heroine and her daring exploits, giving players a glimpse of the challenges and themes that await. As players follow the story of Aya, who must stop the antagonist Eve from wiping out humanity, it’s fitting that the music will wake and motivate players.

6/8 Legacy of Cain: Defiance

A gargoyle-like creature standing in a stone arena looking at the camera with a stern frown.

That inheritance from Cain Series is another casualty of the times. Many original fans have forgotten about the classic series, and even the developers seem aware of the game’s decline in popularity. but inheritance from Cain is not without merits, with its own unique take on the vampire myth that continues the journey of Raziel and Cain from the previous installment soul stealer.

With an incredible narrator to challenge players, an epic score, and a montage of awesome ass kicks, players would be ready to take on the challenges that awaited.

5/8 vampire

A bloodthirsty vampire lunges for his next victim's throat, lit by the gas lanterns of Victorian London

Despite being lauded by many game review and critic quarters, vampire seemed to fly under the radar of most players and soon faded into anonymity.

Set in Victorian London vampire sees newly awakened vampire Johnathan Reid grappling with the horrors of his new condition while continuing his position as a doctor. The premise begins in the opening cinematic, which hints at the mysteries that will be revealed throughout the game as well as Johnathan’s embrace as a vampire. The scene is narrated through uniquely artistic graphics, with gothic stringed instruments and percussion adding to the gory horror.

4/8 Dragon Age: Origins

Three of the companions take part in a battle against a fearsome purple dragon, wielding spells, swords and arrows.

with Terrible wolf On the Horizon, which received rave reviews from fans, the first part appears to be A Forgotten Relic, the tale of Gray Wardens and their arduous battle against the Blight that will go down in history as BioWare follows the plot of inquisition. But everyone dragon time Fans worth their salt should visit the origins of the franchise as it is not without its merits.

Once the title screen with its haunting vocals is over, players are treated to an immersive cutscene that begins with cave wall-like paintings as Duncan narrates the origins of the infamous Darkspawn. It then transitions to pre-rendered cutscenes showing the fall of the dwarves and the rise of the Gray Wardens in their relentless battle against darkness.

3/8 Notorious

The main protagonist faces the viewer, behind him the stream crackles on a city street.

Notorious contains perhaps one of the shortest opening sequences ever, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in style. Pressing start on the title screen puts the player straight into an explosive beginning as a shockwave ripples through the city and all hell breaks loose. The player character miraculously survives the explosion and is brought back to consciousness by a mysterious voice that seems to recognize him. The scene is very succinctly set with minimal dialogue and acting, an impressive case of show and not tell.

Immediately upon awakening, control is passed to the player without further explanation or context. However, this would make players want to keep going so they can unravel the mysteries that hide within Notorious for themselves.

2/8 Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage

Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro stares at an unseen enemy as buildings explode behind him.

A forgotten PS3 relic of fighting games, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage features an exciting roster of characters, designs, combos and music, all featured in the opening film.

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Beginning with a beautiful scene of a field of flowers that fades to a sour piano note, the scene then moves to a woman falling off a building as the heavy guitar riffs kick in. The scene deftly transitions from her tears to the scars on Kenshiro’s torso, where he gets ready to fight Outlaw. Exciting, punchy and sometimes beautiful, the opening effectively draws the player in and sets him up for action.

1/8 prototype

Prototype protagonist Alex Mercer stares at the viewer, wielding his mutant arm in a busy, gray city

Now lost in time prototype was a fantastic game that earned fans and praise. Players take on the role of Alex Mercer, a complex, multi-layered character that bridges the line between hero and villain. The opening film hints at his gray-shaded nature, acknowledging the reputation attributed to him and setting the backdrop for the world.

Now plague-ridden, with Alex Mercer as one of its victims, players will see a ragged urban jungle infested with biomass tendrils and zombie-like creatures. Mercer demonstrates his inhuman abilities such as super speed, strength, and two spiked arms capable of tearing humans to pieces. The entire film is shot like a movie and just as captivating as a big blockbuster with action, an exciting story and an excellent score.

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