Football Practice Report: March 18th

Venue: Outdoor exercise fields
format: helmets

You’ve had two days of training and now two weeks off.

If this seems like a somewhat awkward Oregon spring practice schedule, understand that there’s a very good reason. When the Ducks left their practice fields on Saturday morning, there might have been some “so long,” but also some “see you soon.”

After their second training session in three days on Saturday, the UO football program is now off the training fields for two weeks. The final exams for the winter quarter of the university are due next week, and then spring break is on the calendar.

It’s up to the players to ensure the work they put in on Thursday and Saturday is still visible when training resumes. Football mustn’t become a side issue just because it’s spring break.

“You have to be disciplined, don’t you?” said UO head coach Dan Lanning. “You have to be great decision makers, have a good sense of what you’re doing and how you’re going to attack it. We have a plan for these guys over the next two weeks. You must carry out the plan.”

The spring internship will resume after the beginning of the spring quarter at the university. At this point, the Ducks will settle into a steady training rhythm every other day. And this rhythm, due to some details of the spring calendar, leads to the fact that two exercises are held before this two-week break.

“For us, it’s about distance,” said Lanning. “They want to go to training on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. (And also) we don’t want to go into May because we have a recruitment window in May where we want to get our trainers out in May.

So, in order to be ready by early May and not practice too much in April, the Ducks schedule those two practices in March. Ultimately, this provides the best solution based on all the different priorities – from science to player development to recruitment.

Remarkable: Lanning said that “a few more” members of Oregon’s recruiting class of 2023 plan to register for the university’s spring quarter and thus participate in the football program once spring training resumes. … The Ducks upped the pace of practice on Saturday to rack up more repetitions and also to see how the players overcame the fatigue. … offensive lineman Junior Angilau was limited for the Spring Ball start as he is returning from an injury that sidelined him all of last season in Texas. … Former UO running back Jeremiah Johnson attended practice.

UO head coach Dan Lanning on early recruit enrollment
“Yes, you want boys here as soon as possible. It won’t always happen; there are a few guys that we would love if we could have them here early. But if you’re here early, it’s like you have an extra redshirt year for guys who are brand new.”

UO coach Dan Lanning on the chatter from the coaches and players
“It’s a process. It’s about time. You know, we’re not there yet. But we have time to get there and that’s the benefit – hard practice that gets us there. They have to share some difficult moments and then spend time together outside of football.”

Interview after practice:

Head coach Dan Lanning

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