Football fever infects DeFi project with excitement – ​​Bitcoin News press release

PRESS RELEASE. Doha, Qatar: Every day for the next few weeks, more than a billion people will be watching on TV as players from their favorite teams work brilliantly together to win the ultimate prize. What’s really different this time around is how much crypto is playing a role in soccer, with team fan tokens and NFT collections issued by soccer stars like Christiano Ronaldo serving as prominent examples.

And now, leading crypto communities are joining the football fever, even using it as an opportunity to bring crypto to the masses. With this world championship, billions will learn about the possibilities of Web3 collaboration and win thanks to the big wins Binance Soccer Fever 2022 Campaign that allows everyone to get their football fever going while having a chance to win a share of $1,000,000 in prizes.

The DeXe DAO community, which is a close partner with Binance and runs a number of joint activities with them, has also joined Binance’s Football Fever in true DAO fashion – by proposing and passing on a Binance Football Fever sponsorship. Now football fans can win $DEXE tokens while learning about DeFI. There are many football fans in the DeXe community. And the project is all about teamwork in asset and DAO management, so partnering with Binance on this was a natural fit for the DeXe DAO.

In wealth management, traders have skills but need more capital to win big. Investors have the capital but need to find traders they can trust to manage it. DeXe’s wealth management platform provides them with a framework of relationships where traders feel free in their trading decisions and are well rewarded for their success, while investors receive multi-layered security and transparency to help protect their capital. In this way, DeXe maximizes the odds of winning while minimizing the risk of losing – an elite approach worthy of a world championship.

Can you imagine players being rewarded on the pitch for how many passes they made instead of a goal? Such a team would not win a game, let alone the World Cup. Effective teamwork at this World Cup has shown once again that teams with less star power are still capable of defeating teams that are better on paper. Effectiveness matters. For this reason, DeXe incentivizes DAO management to reward community members for the most effective DAO activity, and pretty much anything about the DAO can be changed via onchain suggestions. In DeFi, like soccer, you need to make it easy to score, defend, and adjust strategy to optimize those actions.

With DeXe and Binance getting involved in the World Cup media hype, football fans can both cheer on their favorite teams and learn more about DeFi. If the efforts of Binance, DeXe, and other projects promoting crypto among soccer fans are successful, who knows, maybe the next World Cup will be held on-chain.


Via the Dexe network

Dexe Network is an asset and DAO management platform that turns DeFi dreams into practical reality by empowering fund and DAO builders to grow their organizations effectively, quickly, and securely. With DeXe, traders become managers beyond normal trading without much effort, and DAOs are managed in a truly decentralized and autonomous manner thanks to appropriate incentives and on-chain governance. DeXes ambassador program has laid the groundwork for community-generated rewards for effective DAO participation.

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