Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura results, live stream coverage

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes another stop on his exhibition tour tonight (Sat 24 Sep 2022) and returns to Japan to take on ricin star and social media sensation Mikuru Asakura in the familiar halls of Saitama Super Arena to compete

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the FITE PPVwhich begins at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.

This isn’t the first time “Money” has worked with the promotion, as he infamously set fire to Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve 2018. He won’t have that size advantage over Asakura at natural featherweight if that in any way piques your interest in the action bout.

Super RIZIN also features world-ranked bantamweight kickboxer Koji “Kouzi” Tanaka versus 200-pound Mayweather bodyguard Ray “Jizzy” Sadeghi, Muay Thai prodigy Nadaka Toshinari taking on Bandasak So Trakunpet, and an MMA Opener against professional boxer Bunchuai Phonsungnoen against kickboxing veteran Kota Miura.

Super RIZIN Fast Results:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mikuru Asakura – Mayweather defeated. Asakura by KO in round two
Koji Tanaka vs. Ray Sadeghi – Tanaka defeated. Sadeghi by TKO in round three
Nadaka Toshinari vs. Bandasak So Trakunpet – Nadaka defeated. Bandasak by TKO (knees and punches) in round one
Bunchuai Phonsungnoen vs. Kota Miura – Kota defeated. Bunchuai by submission (armbar) in round one

Super RIZIN Round-by-Round Coverage:

Boxing Show: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mikuru Asakura

Round one: Mayweather Orthodox, Asakura southpaw. Asakura fails with a body shot, then overhand to the left. Body shot lands for him. One minute in. So far mostly feints. Asakura’s left hand falls short, jab connects. He crashes into the ropes with a two-piece off the guard. Mayweather guided down with right, then up. Asakura swings big, Mayweather dodges with a big head shake. Shot again by Mayweather. One more, then up. 1-2 falls short. Body shot lands, Asakura intercepts it with a left loop at the exit. Right past Mayweather one last time. Fairly even so far, favoring Mayweather.

Round two: Mayweather body jabs, avoiding a pair of counterattacks. Nice guide on the right. Another avoids the counters. Asakura tries to hold and hit. One minute in. Another lead straight from Mayweather, who avoids an uppercut. rights to the body. Asakura Double Strike. Another stiff right hand from Mayweather with a minute to go. Asakura straight left then hits him hard with a long right hand. Well just left behind. Mayweather smiles as they exchange ideas. He avoids a threesome, lands a body shot. Good overhand on the right. They both meet with their power hands, then Mayweather sends him down with a right cross right at the bell. He can’t beat the count.

Bottom line: Mayweather def. Asakura by KO

Custom Rules: Koji Tanaka vs. Ray Sadeghi

Round one: Tanaka flips out the jab, committing to nothing. Sadeghi pauses for a minute. Ugly try with the right hook. Tanaka digs to the left of the body. Nice combination in the clinch. Sadeghi sniffs another right hand and clutches. He hardly knows what he’s doing in there. Decent clubbing right a minute before the end. 1-2 from Tanaka, Sadeghi tries to save and score. 1-2 by Tanaka. Body shot. Sadeghi flinches. 10-9 tanaka when it’s lap after lap, moderate tanaka lead when it’s overall.

Round two: Sadeghi jab and cross, clinch. Hard left hook from Tanaka, slipping on an exchange. Sadeghi inspires more right hands inwards. Body shots from Tanaka, then a left hook up. Clinch. Another left hook and another. Sadeghi complains about an elbow. More combos from Tanaka. Sadeghi tries to slug with him. Halfway through. Large counter hook by Tanaka, top right. Sadeghi does more clinching than hitting. Another left hook met a body shot from Sadeghi. Tanaka body shot, right swipe. Sadeghi keeps trying to hold on and eats another hard 3-2. More heavy rights from Tanaka on the ropes. Sadeghi tries to waste time in the clinch, gets badly injured from a low-high left hook. 10-9 Tanaka/Big Tanaka Lead.

Round three: Big counter left and Sadeghi’s legs go out. A tide sends him to the mat. He manages to beat the count, then he latches on. Body shot of Tanaka trying to swarm in. A swing to the knockout and another left hook sends him face first to the mat.

End result: Tanaka defeated. TKO’s Sadeghi

Muay Thai: Nadaka Toshinari vs. Bandasak So Trakunpet

Round one: Both kick to the start. Nice body shot from Nadaka, quick high kick attempt from behind. Another body kick stabs Bandasak and Nadaka attempts to flash. Bandasak right flank to get back into the fight. Nadaka catches a body kick and throws Bandasak to the mat. Check hook lands for him. Snap kick downstairs keeps working for him. Headbutt. They exchange body kicks. Halfway through. 1-2-1 knee elbow. Low kick to body kick. Body shot from knee to elbow. Nadaka burns at the start, briefly dropping him with a leg kick. Bandasak tries to lead with a headbutt and a right hook sends him to the canvas. He beats the count but Nadaka tears into his body until the referee intervenes.

End result: Toshinari defeated. Bandasak by TKO (knees and punches)

150 lbs.: Bunchuai Phonsungnoen vs. Kota Miura

Round one: Bunchuai lands a low kick, then a hard check hook with Kota chasing him. Kota shoots into the corner and then skips the guard. One minute in. Elbow by Bunchuai. Kota searches for an armbar, does nothing, eats a right hand on the way up. He shoots through a knee for another takedown attempt. Outside Reap pulls it off and in seconds he’s going to the mount and wrapping a quick armbar for the finish.

End result: Miura def. Bunchuai by Submission (Armbar)

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