Five tips and tricks to help you join the VALORANT team

Since the release of VALORANT in 2020, the passion of the players has come into its own. The last two years have been amazing and we are just getting started. As we continue to push VALORANT forward, we’re looking to add more talented Rioters to our team. In 2022 we have hired a lot of great people on the VALORANT team and currently have over 70 open positions.

If there’s one thing VALORANT players know, it’s that a little extra information goes a long way. So we spoke to Michael Hewitt, Manager of Talent Acquisition at VALORANT, to give you guys your own Recon Bolt for what the VALORANT team is looking for.

1. Look at your role and fill it out

Some people are duelists, others like to initiate. While flexing can be very helpful in moving up the ranks, when you apply, you should find the position that really appeals to you. You are better off finding that position, tailoring your resume and/or portfolio to the job description, and by all means championing it.

Submitting a generic resume for many open positions at once might seem like it will improve your chances, but just like trying to spray-paint and pray, you’re better off landing that clean tip for the right job.

That being said, people add value in many different ways. We want Rioters to learn and grow on the job, so find a position that speaks to you and fits your current skills and experience, but also one that you see as a challenge that gives you more to offer when you have the role.

2. Show your passion

The VALORANT team isn’t full of Immortal players or long-time tactical shooter veterans (that’s just the playtesters), but it’s full of passionate Rioters who care about this game, its world, and the players who care every day spend time with it.

Whether you’re a long-time gamer, new to the game but really enjoy it, a fan of the lore, or enjoy the fun stories in esports, showing your passion and why you want to join the VALORANT team will go a long way put back Your application stands out. This can be an active part of player communities, showing your knowledge of the game or sharing some of your favorite moments on a map. Whatever it is, be sure to shout it from the rooftops.

3. Look at Riot stats

Riot has five values ​​that guide what we do every day. They are:

If you can read these values ​​and apply them to your own work experience, you’re well on your way to joining Riot and the VALORANT team.

Whether you’ve helped improve the gaming experience in one of your favorite games, or worked well with a teammate to complete a task, any time you can show how your values ​​align with ours, it will be positive .

4. Connect to Social and Build

Our recruiters are very active on social media, especially on LinkedIn, and following them there will give you the fast track to new vacancies. (Here is Michael’s profile) Feel free to send links and comment on posts if you have any questions for our VALORANT recruiters. We can’t promise every question will be answered, but it never hurts to connect and be active on social media.

On the other hand, make sure your profile is filled out with all your recent experiences and work. Our recruiters often use LinkedIn to find and research potential candidates. So, a detailed profile helps ensure they see all of your relevant work. This also applies to ArtStation and other specialist websites where you can showcase your portfolios and work. Having everything out there and being discoverable helps our recruiters tremendously. Check out the art stations and portfolios of some of the VALORANT team members to see what Sabrina, Max, Raquel, and Ben did before they joined Riot and what they’re doing now.

5. Be persistent

We strive to fill this team further. Riot is full of amazing people who applied multiple times before it became a reality. Even if a position you have applied for does not come about, please do not be discouraged. Try to learn some lessons from the process, ask questions whenever you can, and reapply for a job that matches your skillset.

We have many vacancies and want to fill them with passionate people. So even if you don’t get it the first time, show our recruiters that next time the passion hasn’t waned at all. This is a team you really want to be on.

Be sure to check out all open positions at VALORANT and the rest of on our careers page.

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