First Trailer Released Online Early (Watch)

After years of waiting, the first trailer for the DCU’s Blue Beetle is here, albeit sooner than Warner Bros. might have hoped.

With a change of direction en route for the DCU (thanks to James Gunn and Peter Safran), Blue Beetle aims to be the final origin story of this current era of the superpowered franchise.

The film has been described as “super entertaining” out of test screenings as the story of Jaime Reyes and the alien Scarab suit comes to the big screen for the first time.

While audiences have been teased by leaks about the film, there has been a significant lack of officially released footage so far. However, all that changed when it was revealed that a full trailer for the film was on the way.

The Blue Beetle trailer will be released early

Warner Bros.

The first officer Blue Beetle Trailer was put online early.

The first look was scheduled for release today (April 3) at 12pm EST, but appeared two hours early on DC Asia’s official YouTube channel.

The trailer features glimpses of Xolo Maridueña’s Jaime Reyes becoming the avatar of an alien bioweapon known as the Scarab.

This is the first official look at the full-size Blue Beetle suit, which has been the subject of leaks for the past few months.

Blue Beetle 2
Warner Bros.

Maridueña’s young hero can also take part in super-powered action, manifesting the character’s iconic sword.

Blue Beetle 3
Warner Bros.

Elsewhere in the trailer, fans got their first clues as to Susan Sarandon’s original villain for the film.

Blue Beetle 4
Warner Bros.

And Jaime – along with his family – takes an exciting ride in the Blue Beetle Bug, an airship shaped like a beetle, all to the soundtrack to “Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert.

Blue Beetle 5
Warner Bros.

The trailer has since been removed, but the full trailer can be seen below:

Will the leaked trailer affect Blue Beetle-Mania?

For fans who have been waiting for Blue Beetle to make the leap to live action, this is exciting. A full trailer is finally here, showing the iconic hero in all his big screen glory.

If the trailer is any indication of the film’s ultimate quality, then DC fans should prepare for something special.

While Warner Bros. probably would have liked that the trailer hadn’t been leaked early to ensure the film gets its moment in the sun, it’s a little disappointing to know the impact will wear off.

But it’s not as if this trailer is full of major spoilers or giving away too much of the plot (like some other recent DC movies). It’s more of a sound piece that gives the audience a taste Blue Beetle without giving away too much.

So yeah, it’s a bummer that the trailer leaked early, but it’s ultimately not the biggest deal.

Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18th.

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