Face the Houston summer sun with tips from local skincare experts

Swimsuits and sun-kissed skin are synonymous with summer. And because we live in Houston, where the triple-digit temperatures aren’t letting up, summer also means stepping up skincare routines.

From finding the best sunscreen to applying products to preparing for a day at the pool, we spoke to skincare experts from the Houston area to round out advice and product recommendations for the rest of this summer season.

Warmer temperatures mean more time outdoors and, unfortunately, a lot more sweat too. according to dr Neil Farnsworth, Board Dermatologist of the newly opened Westlake Dermatology River Oaks, rashes from clogged sweat glands or an overgrowth of yeast are common manifestations at this time of year. Quickly changing sweaty clothes and cleaning sensitive areas will help clear up these minor irritations, but if they persist, make an appointment with your favorite doctor

Of course, sunscreen is important year-round, but it’s crucial in the summer due to increased exposure to harmful UV rays. The best protection is any sunscreen you actually wear. dr Farnsworth recommends using a product with an SPF of at least 30, but more importantly one that also offers broad spectrum protection.

“Over-the-counter zinc and titanium oxides can leave a white tinge on the skin, but micronized zinc oxide sunscreens rub in much better and are available at most dermatologist’s offices,” says Dr. Farnsworth to CultureMap. “ISDIN-Zinc completely dissolves on almost any skin type, Alastin SilkShield All-Mineral is a very comfortable option and Elta MD offers an excellent range of sunscreens for different skin types and situations.”

Kaitlynn Kerrigan, a nurse at Houston’s second outpost SkinSpirit at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch, recommends dual-purpose products that work together to repair and protect, like ZO Daily Power Defense. Kerrigan says you not only need to find your skincare products, you also need to know how to apply them to maximize the benefits of each one.

“It’s best to start with your serums first,” Kerrigan tells CultureMap. “I always tell my clients to layer thin to thick for a quick reminder.”

While both skincare experts agree on a hefty dose of sunscreen before leaving the house, there are two of Dr. Farnsworth’s favorite summer skincare products aren’t in a bottle — they’re clothes. His favorite wardrobe includes traditional sun hats like the Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat and UPF-certified clothing from Columbia or Coolibar.

“You may feel silly,” he adds, “but silly is better than wrinkled, leathery, and possibly cancer-ridden.”

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