Exercise notes and observations on Friday

Here are our notes and observations from Friday afternoon practice in Florida, camp three of the preseason. The players were in shells (helmets and shoulder pads) for the first time after spending the first two sessions in helmets only, as mandated by the NCAA in the first two practices of preseason camp. The session took place indoors at Florida’s football practice facility. Media representatives were only allowed to view a segment of the session, which lasted 14 minutes.

Not present: cb Jaydon HillTE Dante ZanderOLB Brenton CoxWR Trent WhittemoreOIL Richard GouraigeS Dakota Mitchell

Present in a non-contact jersey: TE Jonathan Odomk Trey Smack


exercise notes

– Florida held its third practice session of preseason camp on Friday afternoon. The session was held indoors and the players were in shells for the first time, having spent the first two practices wearing only helmets, as required by the NCAA. The media was allowed to watch 14 minutes of the session, which is the expectation for the remainder of fall camp and into the season. The alligators were in skill development groups throughout the observed window, which was also the case in spring.

— Florida’s running backs, considered one of the team’s deepest units, worked on foot speed and body control in a drill that required them to weave through a series of pads before ducking under a metal bar. Running back coach Jabbar Juluke was particularly vocal during the session, praising players who did the drill well and urging players to repeat the drill if they didn’t do it to his liking. Junior runs back Lorenzo Lingard was the standout performer during the session and received multiple praises from Juluke. Sophomore Nay’Quan Wright, who is in the final stages of rehabilitation from an ankle injury that required off-season surgery, appeared to go through the drill a little more slowly than his peers, prompting Juluke to yell, “Play at speed, Gentlemen! Play at speed! However, Wright was not asked to repeat the exercise. Freshman Trevor Etiennea former four-star candidate who enrolled over the summer had to repeat the drill three times before Juluke gave him a pass.

— The Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets had a scout present for the training session. While the Bengals rep kept the window open to the media, who paced the sidelines taking notes, the Jets scout appeared fixated on Florida’s inside linebacker unit. However, it is unclear which player caught his attention.

– A linebacker from Florida had a particularly loud day: his sophomore year Derek Wingo. In addition to his good performance, Wingo helped a few other players with their head positioning and technique. At one point, Wingo told junior walk-on linebacker Kenny Anyaehie to “look straight ahead” during a practice. Anyaehies’ head position seemed to drop to the left during the exercise and Wingo quickly caught it.

During a Routes on Air session in which Florida’s quarterbacks took turns throwing at receivers, junior receivers Ricky Pearsall looked particularly sharp, making a couple of nice catches on short curl routes and showing his speed after making quick turns and rocketing up the field. Pearsall has been receiving compliments from team-mates and coaches lately. Safety Rashad Torrence, speaking to members of the media on Friday morning, was the last to praise Arizona State’s transfer.

“Just the energy he brings and a new face – most guys come in kind of shy but he came with the energy he belongs here and we embraced that. So it’s a great feeling,” Torrence said. “He’s a nice piece to have.

Justin Shorter and Ja’Quavion Fraziers also did well in this session, while all four Florida grantees kept the ball relatively well in goal with just a few shots that missed slightly.

— junior tight end Dante ZanderJunior Outside Linebacker Brenton Cox and second recipient Trent Whittemore were not observed at Friday’s training session. A team spokesman told the media that the trio are in the process of graduating, leading to their absence.

– Florida’s game changer squad (special teams) trained together outside throughout the observation window. Freshman kicker Trey Smack wore a black non-contact jersey for the third straight day. It’s unclear why.

– Redshirt freshman security Dakota Mitchell was not observed during Friday’s session, although there is little cause for concern for the redshirt newcomer’s safety. Mitchell was observed wearing a non-contact jersey and not training with his unit during each of the first two fall camp drills in Florida. Instead, the 5-foot-11, 180-pound defenseman from Winter Park, Fla. trained with the director of player athletic development Joe Danos in the team’s training hall. While his illness is unknown at this time, is head coach Billy Napier said Friday he was expected back shortly.

— Junior offensive tackle Richard Gouraige was also not observed in person, despite being in the same boat as Mitchell. Gouraige is dealing with a very mild lower body condition, multiple sources have told Swamp247.

— Tight end sophomore Jonathan Odom was observed in a non-contact jersey but still training with his unit. He underwent shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in the spring and is expected to be free by the start of the season.

— Sophomore Corner Jaydon Hill was not observed during training due to an unknown injury. Napier said he will be out for the foreseeable future.

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