Exceptional OTT Release Date: Exceptional is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar

Exceptional is a British series from the year 2023. The series falls into the genres of action, adventure and comedy. The first look of the series went online in November 2022. The official trailer was released in December 2022. The original network of the series is Disney+. Extraordinary is now available digitally on a popular OTT platform. If you want to stream the series, read on for more details.

Extraordinary OTT Release Date: Where and When to Stream Online

The UK series Extraordinary was released digitally on January 25, 2023. It is now available on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT platform. Eight episodes of the original series are available on said platform. It streams in English audio, with English subtitles.

Extraordinary OTT Release Confirmation

The Disney+ UK Twitter handle announced Extraordinary’s OTT release date of December 14, 2022. They wrote and we quote: “That awkward moment when everyone has a superpower *except* you… 😬 #Extraordinary, a new original series, streams exclusively on Disney+ on January 25th.”. Disney Platform Distribution is its official distributor. It’s also available on Hulu.

Exceptional official trailer

The Extraordinary series, alongside The Wedding Season, was among the first British Star-branded productions to be commissioned by Disney+. Emma Moran developed the original series while pursuing her Masters of Arts in Screenwriting.

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Exceptional OTT release date


Extraordinary – About the series

The cast of Extraordinary was announced in December 2021. The original cast includes Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Luke Rollason, Bilal Hasna, Iobhán McSweeney, Safia Oakley-Green, Robbie Gee, Ned Porteous and Reis Daniel. The country of origin of the series is the United Kingdom. Emma Moran is its creator. Charlie Palmer is the producer of Extraordinary while Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, Charles Dawson and Johanna Devereaux are executive producers. The running time of the eight episodes varies between 270 minutes and 34 minutes.

Exceptional OTT release date


The description of the show on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT streaming platform is as follows: “Armed with a little bit of hope and a lot of desperation, Jen begins her journey to find her superpower.”Jen, essay by Máiréad Tyers, is a confident young woman; She lives in a world where everyone but her has a superpower. The question is can you find your superpower?

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