Epson offers small business tips for sustainable long-term success

Epson shines a light on small businesses and their experiences Efficient processes, reliable technology and exceptional service

LOS ALAMITOS, California., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, the number of small businesses in the US reached 33.2 million, accounting for 99.9% of US businesses.1 But the many uncertainties that the current economic climate brings make it difficult to sustain business success, especially for owners who are the sole operator and investor. One thing is for sure – entrepreneurs have to be smart to stay ahead. To celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day March 29thEpson surveyed several small business owners to learn how they combine hard work, productivity and creativity to streamline operations and stand out from the crowd.

Long-term success for small businesses
While every business is different, all strive to maximize resources and time to achieve the best ROI. Entrepreneurs from sectors ranging from real estate to consulting share their tips for success.

  1. Implement efficient processes: Over 80% of small businesses are run by a single owner and have no employees.2 To prevent burnout, business owners should implement processes that help them work efficiently. “As a sole proprietor with multiple businesses, I don’t have much time to create new materials. I need systems set up to handle repetitive tasks easily,” he said Markus Jung, Dolyttle & Seamore and Buchanan Barber Shops. “From creating books for my publishing company to sending out postcards for my barber shop, I’ve created templates that I can easily update for each job. There is no need to spend additional resources to reinvent the wheel. Find a process that works well, simplify it and follow the same methodology to save time, money and exchange of views.”
  2. Rely on reliable technology: For small businesses with few staff, high-performance technology can be your next best employee. From printing marketing packages to digitizing files and implementing technologies like the Epson EcoTank® Pro ET-5850 All-in-One Cartridgeless Supertank Printer is an essential tool. “For my real estate agency, when we have a property for rent, we print a lot of ads and flyers to put up for showcases. We’re giving them out to a lot of people and putting them in places like open houses,” he said Aviva Jagoobia, “The EcoTank Pro printer is very time-saving and beneficial to our office. It creates clean copies with crisp colors and is fast even with large scan jobs. I love that the printer came with enough ink. I didn’t have to buy anything, nor ink, and it’s nice not to have to worry about that. It’s a whole system that manages itself.”*
  3. Provide exceptional service: Personal services from small businesses can make a lasting impression over cost-effective services from large institutions. Listening to a client’s needs and doing everything possible to meet those needs can help keep them coming back for services in the future. “As an obesity consultant and weight loss coach, my business truly revolves around my clients. I find it important to show them my authenticity and how I stay true to my core values ​​while aligning them with the way I run my business,” said Liz Vang, coaching with Liz. “I’m always striving to build new relationships. From starting a hiking club for military spouses where I live to encourage daily exercise and joining a support group for women to help with weight loss and mental health activities, to working with other family members Because of the health professionals who work with other women’s support groups, I’m able to use my expertise and experience to help people outside of my clientele as well.”

“Epson is committed to understanding the unique needs of small businesses. From running day-to-day operations to finding ways to stay competitive in their industries, small business owners have to juggle tasks for an entire day,” he said Mike IsgrigVice President, Consumer Sales and Marketing North America, Epson AmericaInc. “With the right tools and community support, small business owners can be set up for long-term success.”

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* received the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850 printer for free.


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