Engine Gaming’s Stream Hatchet publishes the Brands in Gaming and Esports report, a read for those wanting to understand marketing in the gaming universe

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  • The report analyzes the presence of nearly 2,000 brands in video game streaming by measuring logo presence, chat mentions, and exposure time across the top 500 channels on Twitch
  • The report highlights ways for brand marketers to qualify advertising and sponsorship opportunities in gaming and esports, helping them effectively measure the return on their investment and understand the best means of engaging audiences on gaming platforms

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2022 / Stream Hatchet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engine Gaming and Media, Inc. (“Engine” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: GAME) (TSXV: GAME), announced today that it has released its Brands in Gaming and Esports Report, essential reading for anyone wanting to crack the code of marketing in the gaming world. The report dives deep into how brands and advertisers are leveraging gaming and e-sports within live streaming for marketing purposes as brand sponsorship increases as millions of teens and young adults ditch linear TV and dedicate massive amounts of entertainment time to online -Gaming.

Stream Hatchets Brands in Gaming and Esports Report is designed to help brand marketers qualify advertising and sponsorship opportunities and the importance of influencers for streaming gaming marketing campaigns, navigating the sea of ​​influencers to maximize the ability to reach target audiences.

Key findings include:

  • The number of brand-sponsored content creators has increased dramatically since the beginning of 2020. Promoted streams are on the rise, peaking at 153 million hours promoted in the first quarter of this year.
  • Electronic hardware brands are the most popular category among gamers, with brand logos appearing on 5.7k of the top channels on Twitch this year. Electronic hardware brands have also generated a combined 6.3 million mentions in Twitch chat.
  • Clothing logos can often be seen on screen when streamers are wearing branded clothing, but fans are less likely to chat about clothing brands because they don’t advertise as much in live streaming as other types of brands. Conversely, Amazon Marketplace doesn’t have much logo presence; In chat mentions, however, it is only surpassed by electronic hardware.
  • Crypto brands are fast becoming some of the most recognizable brands for gamers. Coinbase partnered with the esports league’s Blast Premier to connect with Counter-Strike fans, amassing over 141 minutes of exposure and 676 million impressions.
  • Doritos is the most-chatted snack brand on Twitch with 42% of Twitch chat mentions in Q1 2022. Doritos rose to the top of the charts with a mix of highly produced eSports tournaments. They’ve also created a custom Doritos emote that appears as a physical Doritos chip in Twitch chat and has become a de facto snacking token among streaming fans.
  • Intel recorded 86% of brand mentions during ESL Pro League events and a total of 755 mentions due to the company’s partnership with the ESL Pro League.
  • Red Bull has partnered with G2 Esports, a European esports team, to increase brand awareness among esports fans and enthusiasts of video game streaming culture. Additionally, the G2 streamers team recorded 415 chat mentions of Red Bull in the first quarter of 2022.

“This report highlights some very compelling data points around the opportunities for marketers in the gaming and esports arena, identifying effectiveness and more importantly ROI. We anticipate continuing to drive additional branded investment in gaming developers and esports tournaments,” said Eduard Monsterrat, CEO of Stream Hatchet.

The report concludes that the most popular campaign activations used by brands in esports and live streaming are esports tournaments, team organizations where brands use jersey patches to capture impressions, or sponsored content related to the team and include in-game activations where brands create characters or virtual versions of its product.

The publication of this report follows the launch of the Stream Hatchet Brands Tool in June 2022. It allows marketers to track the earned media value of major brands on video game streaming platforms to better assess which team, event or community opportunities are right for them. Stream Hatchet Brands Tracks by Hours Viewed, Average Minute Audience (AMA), Chat Mentions, Number of Exposures, Exposure Time, and Impressions.

That Brands in Gaming and Esports Report can be downloaded for free at: https://insights.streamhatchet.com/brands-report-2022

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About Stream Hatchet

Stream Hatchet is the market leader in live streaming audience data analytics for the world’s leading video game streaming platforms. Stream Hatchet provides deep insights to leading brands, creator networks, esports leagues, game publishers and other companies that measure the impact of live video game streaming. Stream Hatchet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Engine Gaming and Media.

About Engine Gaming and Media, Inc.

Engine Gaming and Media, Inc. (NASDAQ: GAME) (TSX-V: GAME) provides premium social sports and e-sports gaming experiences and unparalleled data analytics, marketing, advertising and intellectual property in support of its owned and operated direct-to-consumer properties and also offers these services to its customers and partners. The Company’s subsidiaries include Stream Hatchet, the global leader in gaming video distribution analytics; Sideqik, a social influencer marketing detection, analytics and activation platform; WinView Games, a social predictive play-along gaming platform that allows viewers to play while watching live events; and Frankly Media, a digital publishing platform for creating, distributing and monetizing content across all digital channels. Engine Media generates revenue through a combination of direct-to-consumer fees, streaming technology and data SaaS-based offerings, and programmatic advertising. For more information, please visit www.enginegaming.com.

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