‘Elvis and the Beatles are back’: When Michael Jordan took a ‘$61 million ride’ to return to the NBA following the passing of James Jordan

When you think of the greatest players we’ve seen in the NBA, no one can cross Michael Jordan off their list. The 6ft 6″ shooting guard is arguably the tallest player of all time and has an excellent case for it.

Michael Jordan is a 6-time NBA Champion, 6-time Finals MVP, and 5-time NBA MVP. MJ has countless accolades to his name. One of the biggest things in his favor is a 6-0 record in the finals. During his heyday, MJ was unstoppable. After defeating the Pistons in 1991, the Bulls won three straight championships.

Because of this, Jordan’s announcement of a sudden retirement from basketball in October 1993 shocked everyone. After the death of his father, James Jordan, MJ couldn’t think about basketball that way anymore. He continued to pursue his father’s dream of baseball.

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Michael Jordan had a great return to basketball with a $61 million ride

After eighteen months away from the NBA, Michael Jordan made a grand return to the Chicago Bulls. Playing away against the Indiana Pacers, MJ decided he wanted to make a big showing in his first game back.

An excerpt from Roland Lezanby’s “Michael Jordan: The Life” best describes how the Bulls legend returned after his initial retirement.

“This Sunday, Jordan broke NBA rules and took his private jet to Indianapolis. The plane landed and he was alone in it on the runway. He was about to play his first NBA game since his father died and wanted to reflect on some very personal memories. He then drove downtown in an armada of limousines carrying his twenty-strong security force. He would need them to deal with the crowds that had gathered around Market Square Arena, where security forces had set up even more barricades. While waiting for the game to start, Pacers coach Larry Brown soaked up the atmosphere and quipped that it looked like “Elvis and the Beatles are back.”

Jordan broke NBA rules and flew in on his $61 million private jet. The Pacers coach saw the atmosphere around the arena and the game and made a fabulous commentary on GOAT and Elvis.

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How long did it take MJ to have a big game after initial retirement?

Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls on March 18, 1995. He surprised everyone with his new number 45. 11 days and 5 games later, MJ was back in basketball’s Mecca, Madison Square Garden. The game’s greatest player in the game’s mecca? The fans expected a show.

Jordan shrugged off the rust he had, dropping 55 points to the Knicks. The famous Double Knickle game announced that His Airness is really BACK.

In 17 regular season games, Jordan averaged 26.9 points, 6.9 rebounds and 5.3 assists.

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