Elam, Pierce, Trask impressive in NFL preseason

Florida football player in NFL preseason

Several Florida football grads participated in Saturday’s NFL preseason, including Kaiir Elam, Kyle Trask and Dameon Pierce.

Kaiir Elam

At times, Elam felt underutilized during his time in Florida. He was frequently asked to play further off the ball than many fans would have liked.

Drafted in the first round by Buffalo, Elam had a really good first week in camp and then a quiet second week.

As a result, Elam was listed in Buffalo’s 2nd team on the depth chart going into their preseason game against Indianapolis.

Any concerns Buffalo fans had about Elam were allayed with his performance.

Elam was noticeably physical, solid in pass coverage when challenged and looking like a first-round draft pick in every way.

Elam had an injury scare late in the first half and was checked for a head injury but he was acquitted.

Dameon Pierce

We’ve shared our thoughts here at Hail Florida Hail on Dan Mullen’s criminal underuse of Dameon Pierce.

The NFL world is also beginning to wonder why Pierce literally never had more than 15 carries in a single game under Mullen.

Pierce has all but secured the running back job for the Houston Texans, and his first run of the night showed everything Gator fans wanted to see more of.

Pierce finished with five carries for 49 yards.

Malik Davis

Davis went undrafted in the 2022 NFL draft and signed with Dallas.

Davis, listed as the 4th running back on the initial depth chart, needed a good performance on Saturday to give himself a chance to make the list.

Davis did well, gaining 51 yards from 8 attempts.

Kyle Trask

When Trask was drafted by the Buccaneers in the 2nd round, the reaction was mixed.

Many Buccaneer fans were unhappy when Tampa took a QB when the window to win a Super Bowl is now and Tom Brady is already in town.

However, Gator fans knew that Trask had all the tools to become a great NFL QB.

He’s got the height and physique, he’s got poise, and he scans the field in a way so many college QBs don’t.

But after standing behind Brady and Blaine Gabbert last season, Trask was being watched during training camp to see if he’s the guy to take over when Brady retires.

Early reports from camp weren’t the best, and the Buccaneers even had to delete a tweet showing Trask’s interception because the comments were so toxic.

So the biggest story for Tampa’s preseason game against Miami was Trask’s performance.

Evaluating his performance is complicated.

Trask finished 25 of 33 for 258 yards and a touchdown.

At his best, Trask scanned the field and threw precise deep balls that we saw time and time again in Gainesville.

Trask also had back-to-back ball late in the first half, where he threw an interception while being tackled (admittedly, it was a very flukey catch to cause the interception), then got the football for one touchdown deprived.

One could argue that Trask should have just taken the sack on both tracks.

He eventually led a drive to give Tampa a shot at the win, but the potential field goal for the win rattled off the post.

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