dr Shaquille O’Neal has a new scientific theory | NBA Analyst Believes Multiple Moons Orbit Earth

Shaquille O’Neal believes there are two moons. (Drew Smith/Twitter)

dr Shaquille O’Neal says he has a new scientific theory regarding the idea that there are multiple moons. For someone called “The Big Aristotle,” Shaq seems very uneducated about the moon and its orbits.

Shaquille O’Neal believes there are two moons

On the November 15 episode of “Inside the NBA,” the TNT analyst detailed some outlandish comments and theories he had about the moon.

“I have a new theory,” O’Neal said. “There is more than one moon.”

The Hall of Fame Center believes there is a second moon because it had an eventful ride where it claims the moon shifted in a short period of time.

Shaq has many opinions and beliefs, and he is paid to communicate them to a global audience. Few would argue that he’s not one of the most interesting people you’ll find in the entertainment industry, damn it, the whole world. His wacky blend of wisdom, humor, humility and seriousness rolled into one has made him a national treasure and a business mogul.

Despite his elitist understanding of capitalism, he sometimes says things that make you scratch your head.

Charles Barkley disses Shaq

While the explanation in Shaq’s head sounded great, his co-host Charles Barkley had to be quick to remind Shaq how the Earth’s rotation works.

“That’s because it moved, dumbass,” said Barkley, who informed Shaq that the moon changes position because the earth rotates.

Regardless of what Charles had to say, Shaq had a rebuttal, although it wasn’t really backed up by much evidence or science.

“There’s more than one moon,” O’Neal replied. “And then the moon was to my right for another 45 seconds.”

Shaq obviously thinks a lot, even if his theories aren’t always well thought out.

Sports Illustrated provided another timely example of Shaq’s thought process regarding the moon and its relationship to the earth. In 2018, Shaq wondered if it would take less distances traveled to get from her Atlanta studio to the Moon than it would take to get to California. His reasoning behind this was that although he could not see California, he could see the moon with his eyes. Quite the philosopher, Shaq.

Shaq has a history as a comedian

Additionally, Shaq has shown an ability to be silly on numerous occasions. From his moments in the NBA to the analyst desk.

How about the story of Shaq running around naked in the Phoenix Suns locker room trying to prank teammates with Brazilian Naked Wrestling? Or when he tried to show his butt to teammate Rick Fox during an interview to distract Fox. funny stuff

Shaq laughs constantly, but can be very deep at times. He’s probably one of the smartest characters in the NBA and that’s because of his life experiences that have taken him around the world. That’s why so many players look to him as a mentor to many young athletes.

let’s be honest We’ve heard some wacky “Shaqisms” over the years, but his ideologies when it comes to the moon and its relationship to Earth make the cake. These thoughts are just as ridiculous as Kyrie Irving thought the earth was flat.

But he’s a doctor, so we should listen to him, right?

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