Doctor G OTT release: when, where to watch Ayushmann Khurrana-Starrer online

Don’t miss the release of Doctor G OTT. Find out when and where to watch this film starring Ayushmann Khurrana online.

Good news! The release of Doctor G OTT with Ayushmann Khurrana is imminent! Ayushmann Khurrana is having a great year. For the third time in his career and the first time since 2019, the Bollywood actor will have three different film releases in one calendar year. Action thriller Anek came out in May, followed by Doctor G in October and An Action Hero, which is currently in cinemas. And for any Khurrana fans who may have missed Doctor G because of the festive season, there’s now another chance to check out his campus comedy-drama film. And this time, you can watch it online from the comfort of your own home via a streaming app. So read on to find out when and where you can catch the Doctor G OTT release.

Doctor G OTT publication

Over the years, Khurrana has been involved in social message films that spread awareness on a range of issues such as caste discrimination, pregnancy in the elderly, homosexuality, treatment of crossdressers and transgender people, and more. And now he’s back with Doctor G, a film that talks about the taboos and problems in gynecology and women’s medical care in India.

The film follows the struggles of a male doctor who is interested in orthopedics but becomes a gynecologist instead. While the film highlights the struggles of the doctor himself trying to adjust to his new specialization while avoiding discrimination and social ridicule, the film also focuses on the struggles of the patients. The film also talks about the problem of male touch when a man touches a woman with ulterior motives, which is common in the medical industry.

The film has received positive critical feedback and has also become a crowd favorite. The interest in the film can be gauged from the viral nature of its trailer alone. Junglee Pictures released the film’s trailer, which received more than 29 million views, 385,000 likes and more than 22,000 comments.

The movie stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Rakul Preet Singh, Shefali Shah in the lead roles. Recently, the official Netflix India Instagram account announced that the film will make its OTT release on the streaming platform. The caption read: “Even doctors have problems they can’t find a cure for! Doctor G will be available on Netflix on December 11th.

Note that you need a subscription to watch the film.

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