Disney Guest Quarantine In Fort Wilderness After Positive Covid Test

Disney Guest Quarantines at Fort Wilderness After Positive COVID Test
Disney Guest Quarantines at Fort Wilderness After Positive COVID Test from insidethemagic.net

In the year 2023, Disney World has implemented strict protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of its guests during these challenging times. In the event of a positive COVID-19 test, the resort has designated quarantine facilities to isolate affected guests and prevent the spread of the virus. One such facility is the Fort Wilderness campground, where guests are provided with comfortable accommodations and necessary services during their quarantine period.

Arrival and Check-In

Upon receiving a positive test result, guests are immediately notified and directed to proceed to the designated quarantine area. At Fort Wilderness, a dedicated check-in area is set up to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Guests are greeted by friendly staff who guide them through the necessary paperwork and provide them with essential information about their stay.


The quarantine accommodations at Fort Wilderness are designed to offer comfort and convenience. Each guest is assigned a private cabin or RV site, equipped with all the amenities necessary for a pleasant stay. The cabins are spacious and well-maintained, providing a cozy home away from home for guests during their quarantine period.

Services and Support

Disney understands the importance of providing guests with the necessary support and services during their quarantine. Fort Wilderness offers complimentary meal delivery, ensuring that guests receive nutritious and delicious meals throughout their stay. Additionally, housekeeping services are provided to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the accommodations.

Entertainment and Recreation

Although guests are required to remain in their designated quarantine area, Disney ensures that they have access to entertainment and recreational activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Each cabin is equipped with a television and complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite shows and stay connected with the outside world. In addition, guests can explore the beautiful surroundings of Fort Wilderness, taking leisurely walks or bike rides within the designated areas.

Health and Safety Measures

Disney has implemented stringent health and safety protocols to protect both guests and staff members. The quarantine facilities at Fort Wilderness are regularly sanitized, and all necessary precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Guests are required to wear masks and practice social distancing whenever they interact with staff members or leave their designated area.

Communication and Updates

During their quarantine period, guests are regularly updated with the latest information and guidelines. Disney provides a dedicated hotline and online resources for guests to address any concerns or queries they may have. The resort also ensures that guests are informed about the steps they need to take after their quarantine period ends.

Disney’s commitment to guest safety and well-being is evident in the measures taken to handle positive COVID-19 cases. The quarantine facilities at Fort Wilderness provide a comfortable and supportive environment for guests during their isolation period. By implementing strict protocols and offering necessary services, Disney strives to ensure that guests have a positive experience even in these challenging times.


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