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Unknown player’s battlegrounds has grown steadily in recent years. And since its launch in 2017 PUBG changed the shooter genre. This has made players more competitive, more strategic, and just plain better all around. Realism makes PUBG stand out from the rest of battle royales and how this can make the game more immersive, especially when players are playing with others. PUBG may have a steeper learning curve than other battle royales apex legends, but at the same time it can be very captivating. All that power PUBG one of the best shooters not only for that Xbox Console family but on other platforms.

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PUBG is now in a different place than it once was, firstly by becoming free-to-play and secondly by adding more maps and modes. One of the bigger maps, the newest map called Deston will blow players over the edge. Since this is a really diverse map with urban areas, open landscapes and islands that can only be reached by boat, players will find new ways to take down enemies. However, unlike the other maps, Deston is quite different due to the different types of locations on the map. Players need to play this map differently, hopefully these tips will help them get that coveted Chicken Dinner.

5 Use free space

The only thing that stays consistent across all maps PUBG is the number of open faces there are. With little to no cover or an escape route, they become deadly to players running in them. This also helps other players get easy kills as long as they are in cover. Normally, when players are in open areas, they should get out of there as soon as possible. Because Deston is a huge map, these open areas are just as large, making it easier for players caught in them to be caught. Since PUBG introduced the ability to use drones should players use them.

These drones help players scout with the certainty of distance, which helps them better plan their attack. So when a drone flies over these open areas, the player and their team can get a head start without putting themselves in danger.

4 Use buildings

This is a rule of thumb that applies to all cards in PUBG. However, it is much more important for the Deston card. Since the map itself is huge and the buildings are farther apart, it’s easier for players to get into a firefight. Players can use these buildings to regroup, loot, or hold until they need to move on. In a firefight, players should head to a building when they are near one as the combat becomes more tangible.

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Since PUBG is now smoother, fighting in a building is easier because the game itself is less clunky. As mentioned, players can use these buildings for looting, which is probably the second most important reason to use them. Depending on where players land, they can get better gear, allowing them to fight more aggressively. Also, once in the right spot, players can use the buildings to take out enemies running away from the storm.

3 Play balanced

Any game of PUBG is different than the others, so if players play aggressively all the time, they have a harder time. So the best way for players to win is to balance their playing style. They should act depending on what’s going on and how they’re positioned. For example, if players are low on resources like ammo or health, fighting back might not be the best idea. PUBG, In general, can be tricky, especially for newbies, but contextualizing your playstyle makes learning the game easier.

With players constantly changing how they fight based on what’s happening, they can easily overcome any situation. A map with different locations, each with its own personality, the Deston map forces players to change the way they play. So players would have to react differently every time they engage an enemy because it will be different every time.

2 vehicles

This tip is really important, not just for Deston, but for any map. They help players get out of bad situations quickly. However, the previously mentioned Deston map is one of the biggest maps in PUBG, So using vehicles when playing on this map is a good idea. And since there’s plenty of open space and places where care packages could fall, having one really helps. Receive care packages in general, regardless of where players are playing PUBG can be difficult.

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Having a vehicle nearby as soon as players hear a shot increases their chances of surviving. It’s worth getting Care Packs because they’re filled with goodies, but it’s even more true when the player and their team are traveling in a car. Because players and team can defend themselves better and at the same time move faster.

1 Reach high places

As the Deston map is probably the clearest map in PUBG With many locations each different from the others, players will experience a different kind of gameplay. With high places in PUBG is a staple tip, but it’s more pronounced on this map. The Deston map shows the tallest building in PUBG’s History, players can use it and others like it just to snoop around. Using a higher point allows players to have a vantage point and choose locations to go and shoot at enemies in the distance.

Higher locations are great because players don’t have to move much, provided the buildings are in a circle. Additionally, players who climax towards the end can control the game at that point. Because where they are at a high point, the enemy may not be where they are, so players can use that to their advantage. However, players should be careful as being in these high places could draw their attention to them. Especially when fighting, players should use these areas whenever fewer players are alive.

PUBG is now available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

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