Deontae Armstrong on Rutgers football bid, state visit to Ohio

Deontae Armstrong is emerging as a national recruit as the offensive lineman class of 2024 begins to stack up some impressive Power Five offers.

Armstrong, a 6-foot-7, 274-pound offensive tackle from St. Edward (Lakewood, OH), is beginning to rack up some significant offers. This week he landed an offer to Pittsburgh. He was personally offered by Rutgers and head coach Greg Schiano over the weekend at the Kent State Mega Camp.

Armstrong plans to study economics in college, plays on the basketball team in high school, and also has a 3.8 GPA

He currently holds Power Five offers from Iowa State and Kentucky, as well as his two offers last week from Rutgers and a few days later from Pittsburgh. He also has a recent offer from Cincinnatti, a future Big 12 member.

Armstrong spoke to RutgersWire this week about his recruitment. He spoke about the offer from Rutgers and head coach Greg Schiano, a recent visit from assistant coaches Augie Hoffman (offensive line) and Andrew Aurich (running backs) and his relationship with Ohio State.

Check out Deontae what Armstrong had to say about his recruitment!

Deontae Armstrong on his recent Rutgers football bid

“It started hearing from Rutgers early in the recruitment period. Coaches come by, coach Hoffmann, coach Aurich. They watched us take off. I think they really liked the lift and that started the relationship between me and Rutgers and the coaching.

“I met Coach Schiano at the Kent State Mega Camp who observed me extensively, warm-ups, practice on the line, one-on-ones and the stuff we had. At the end of the camp we had this conversation.”

Deopntae Armstrong on head coach Greg Schiano

“I like his core values ​​of FAMILY and trust. If you talk to him at length, you’ll hear that it’s part of Rutgers. He shared that with me at length – his core values ​​- it aligns with what I believe and what my head coach here believes.”

Deontae Armstrong on what he knows about Rutgers Football

“I have a few friends who have signed Rutgers, including Dominic Rivera. They tell me when they come to visit, they tell me they love it. They love the coaching staff, the facilities.

“The Rutgers story is certainly on the up with Coach Schiano and his staff right now.”

Deontae Armstrong on playing in the Big Ten when he joined Rutgers Football

“They play schools pretty close to me – Ohio State and then you have Penn State not far from me. The games would be nice and close and it would be a good competition. The best of the best.”

Deontae Armstrong during his visits.

“I will 100 percent visit Rutgers.

“I’m going to check out Cincinnatti extensively, I had a visit there. Rutgers will be on that list. The state of Iowa will definitely be on the list.”

Deontae Armstrong on her visit to Ohio State

“I’ve met pretty much the majority of Ohio State’s employees.”

Deontae Armstrong on his upcoming visit to Ohio State this week

“I’m quite familiar with the staff. As a Buckeye fan and growing up in the area, I went and checked in. And now I’m more in and see how the whole program is going, I can see what goes into a successful program. And now they’re having these kids and they have these core values ​​that they’re instilling.”

Deontae Armstrong on potential Ohio State bid landing

“It would mean a lot to be from Ohio…Columbus, that’s the heart of Ohio State football. It would mean a lot.”

Deontae Armstrong on which other schools are completing an offer

“In the last few weeks, Indiana was … one of the schools that spoke to my high school staff. An assistant coach stopped by there and put us in touch with the offensive line coach and developed a relationship with them.”

Deontae Armstrong on potentially playing in the Big Ten

“Growing up with them is a huge plus because it instills that fan base in me before I even meet the staff and stuff. But I think playing for a team that has a lot of interest and has core values ​​that I believe in is a bigger advantage than being a fan of them.”


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