Denver Broncos 17, Dallas Cowboys 7; Whitty’s 10 Best Observations: Flag football at its worst

Looking for a positive result from the Dallas Cowboys’ 17-7 loss in Denver on Friday night? No player suffered a major injury. They weren’t disfellowshipped.

The end.

On a wet, sad night for – and from – Football, the Cowboys picked up where they left off in 2021 in 2022: with an ugly, penalty-strewn loss.

10. BLAZING DEBUT? – zilch. Not in this preseason opener. If you know, you know. Like in 2005, when DeMarcus Ware forced two fumbles, had an interception and produced a sack in his first NFL game in Seattle. Or in 2016, when a fifth-round rookie named Dak Prescott showed stunning stance and accuracy when he went on 10-of-12 for 139 yards and two touchdowns at the LA Coliseum. None of this year’s Cowboys rookies — or any players at all — had a game worth remembering, much less praising.

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