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EAST LIVERPOOL—After Frank “excavator” Dawson wrote his first book on the history of East Liverpool High School football and began his second.

The second has been in development for 24 years and will be available at this weekend’s class reunion.

“Blue and White Forever” goes over every Potter football game from 1998-2021.

It updates the entire history of East Liverpool football since its first book. “We are the potters” which covered the first 100 years of Potter football from 1898-1997.

“This one is better,” said Dawson. “I tracked down some of the old greats who played at Patterson Field. (Baseball Hall of Famer) Cy Young pitched at West End Park before it was Patterson Field.”

The new 558-page hardback book also includes a chronological order of East Liverpool’s football history, updated school records and stories of every football game since the 1998 season, with photos by Jimmy Joe Savage.

“I updated every game as soon as it happened.” said Dawson. “I do them every week. I have my own scorecard, a system of symbols.”

He sold 1,000 copies of his first book and has 500 available for the new one.

Dawson will sign at the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame at 120 E. Fifth St. Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The cost is $100 per book.

“You can imagine how much is behind it,” said Dawson.

He will have other books available including his most popular, “Picking Elderberries: A Small Town Story”, and one about his trip to every major league ballpark.

None remain “We are the Potters.” These are listed on Amazon for $155.

Dawson said someone in East Liverpool found one of these unopened while cleaning a house and he has this one.

“People give me stuff all the time” he said.

Dawson went to his first football game with his father in 1945 when he was 11. He’s only missed a few Potter football games since then.

“We would always go to Thanksgiving” he said.

He never played for the Potters but was a manager and coach. He was team historian for most of his life.

Dawson, now 87, said he saw his last full season in Potter football.

“I usually sit on the opponent’s side because nobody bothers me” he said. “I can not anymore.”

He’s not done following the Potters yet, he’s just following them around.

“I rode the bus and made sure they got pizza after the game.” he said. “The times of the development associations are over.”

Dawson looks forward to speaking about East Liverpool football history this weekend.

“People will ask me a lot of questions, but I have to look it up,” he said.

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