cut cable? These streaming services replace cable cheaply

Cable cutting is new and cable TV is kind of over, and it’s not just our opinion. A recent report (opens in new tab) revealed that in the first quarter of this year alone (January through April 2022), nearly 2 million U.S. consumers unplugged from cable television. In the past 4 years, 20 million have so long turned to the big six cable providers, which account for 95% of the entire market.

You may be wondering, where have those millions and millions gone? What are you doing right now? We bet many of them have signed up for one of the best cable TV alternatives. But deciding to sign up for one of these services isn’t easy – each is different in its own way, and one is a little too similar to cable for our liking. However, even our least popular option actually serves a specific purpose for a specific audience.

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