Crypto 1996 announces utility-based cryptocurrency

Crypto 1996 launches.

The Crypto 1996 team is pleased to announce its utility-based cryptocurrency. The team created a community-based cryptocurrency project to “create a solid and bullish community from the ground up, focused on natural expansion and attracting powerful floorholders and Diamond Handers.”

The team is currently focusing on a few selected countries such as China, UAE, Philippines, Turkey, India, Indonesia and many others.



Users are recommended to look forward to the upcoming Crypto 1996 game. The game allows players to have fun while using the digital coin.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the in thing in the crypto space. This will be added to the utilities list shortly

Mark out

Staking is a good way for crypto holders to earn passively from the Crypto 1996 platform. By investing their digital assets in the Hodl Locker, holders can passively earn interest on their investments.

Currently, holders can wager their assets anywhere from a week to a month, although the team is working to extend the wagering period during the currency’s next phase.

project values

The minds behind Crypto 1996 are committed to creating an atmosphere that promotes unity between the user community and the project team. The team also understands the importance of this understanding and unity, helping it move forward without issues with the user community.

The team also strives to be transparent with its users and save them from the mental anguish most crypto investors and users face at the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest crypto creators who aim to rob investors and users deceive.

Crypto 1996 “promises to prioritize the needs of the community while developing ideas, working with like-minded projects, and enacting significant reforms to combat the immorality of the above dishonesty.”


Coin Name: $CRYPT96

Total offer: 1,000,000 coins

Purchase/Sales Tax: 7% of the total supply.

Liquidity: 2%

Marketing: 5%.





Contact information:
Name: Dicky Safu
Email: send email
Organization: Crypto 1996

Release ID: 89085471

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