Covid-19 tracker: no end in sight?

Good morning Mission and welcome to Virus Village, your (somewhat normal) Covid-19 data repository.

Hospitalizations, registered infections and positivity rates continue to rise as R-number models remain static. The good news, and the reason for the question mark, is that current sanitation efforts have leveled off or receded somewhat.

Whether or not this wave (wave, wave, bump) starts to subside, there is much more Covid on the near horizon as new, more transmissible subvariants take hold. Could this be why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention got started? to push a second booster? However, true to form, the CDC fears this Updating the vaccine can send the wrong message. Will we have a new vaccine in time for next winter’s surge? Not if Congress has its way.

A country does not wait to verify hospitalization numbers before making any preparations.

The argument that “case numbers don’t matter” might make us less anxious, but logically it doesn’t make sense given that Covid, hospitalizations and death start with infection and uncontrolled transmission means more variants with the potential to affect the vaccine and others escape. Tool”.

Speaking of long Covid, we still know next to nothing about it, although it appears to be affecting a significant number of those infected (even if asymptomatic). Most cases point to no specific cause.

I rarely read or see any of the prominent experts speaking about healthcare workers and the dire conditions prevailing in hospitals when the pandemic hit. Although ‘official’ investigations have not yet started here or in the UK, the British Medical Association has started its own review. This article focuses on the lack of personal protective equipment. “Flaws in PPE (personal protective equipment), either by shortage, wrong type or poor fit, was a phenomenon frequently reported by doctors across the board in the first few weeks of the pandemic.” It was no different at home, where hospitals preferred to protect their profit margins. What has been done to fix this problem? The CDC and prominent experts have nothing to say.

Paxlovid, one of the “tools” we have to control the virus, has a rebound effect which is getting more and more attention lately. Oddly enough, the rebound effect didn’t show up in Pfizer’s clinical trials, and apparently the company won’t be releasing any more pills for further research.

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