Compare The Yahoo And Espn Fantasy Football Rankings For 2022 To Find Sleepers And Misses

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Compare Yahoo and ESPN Fantasy Football Rankings for 2022

Fantasy football enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best rankings to help them make informed decisions during their drafts. Yahoo and ESPN are two popular platforms that offer fantasy football rankings, but there can be differences in how players are ranked. This article aims to compare the Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football rankings for 2022 to identify potential sleepers and misses.

Understanding Sleepers

Sleepers are players who are undervalued or overlooked in fantasy football drafts. Identifying sleepers can give you an advantage over your opponents as you can draft them at a lower position while still getting significant production. By comparing the rankings on Yahoo and ESPN, you can uncover players who are ranked significantly higher or lower on either platform.

Comparing Rankings

One way to compare the rankings is by looking at the discrepancies between Yahoo and ESPN. For example, if a player is ranked as the 20th best running back on Yahoo but the 30th best on ESPN, it indicates a potential sleeper according to Yahoo. On the other hand, if a player is ranked higher on ESPN compared to Yahoo, it suggests that player might be overrated.

Researching Sleepers

Once you have identified potential sleepers based on the rankings, it’s essential to do further research to validate their potential. Look into factors like the player’s performance in previous seasons, their team’s offensive system, injury history, and any recent news that might affect their playing time or role. This additional research will help you make more informed decisions during your fantasy football drafts.

Identifying Misses

Misses are players who are overvalued or ranked higher than their actual potential in fantasy football drafts. Comparing the Yahoo and ESPN rankings can help you identify players who might not live up to their expectations.

Analyzing Discrepancies

If a player is consistently ranked higher on both Yahoo and ESPN, it suggests that they might be overrated. Additionally, if a player is ranked significantly higher on one platform compared to the other, it could indicate that they are ranked too high and might not perform as expected.

Considering Different Strategies

While comparing rankings is important, it’s also crucial to consider your own draft strategy and preferences. If you believe in a particular player’s potential, even if they are ranked lower on both Yahoo and ESPN, you can still draft them based on your own analysis and instincts.

Comparing the Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football rankings for 2022 can help you uncover potential sleepers and avoid overrated players during your drafts. However, it’s important to supplement this analysis with further research and trust your own judgment. Remember, fantasy football is a dynamic game, and rankings can change as the season progresses. Good luck with your fantasy football drafts!

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