College Fantasy Football TE Rankings 2022: Top tight ends, sleepers to know

Tight end is often an afterthought on draft day in college fantasy football leagues, but with a few studs and several intriguing breakout candidates, things could be different in 2022. CFBDynasty’s College Fantasy TE Leaderboard guides you through the best options, from the major leagues to the late risers.

Among top tight ends, Brock Bowers and Michael Mayer, aka Baby Gronk, were heavily drafted in mock drafts leading up to the season. To land either of those two, you’ll need to invest a pick from the third or fourth round – certainly unusual for a tight ending!

Potential breakout players include one of the highest rated tight end recruits of all time, Arik Gilbert. He will line up with Bowers as two-TE sets could be a staple of Georgia’s offense in 2022. Michael Trigg and Jaheim Bell, who remain in the SEC, both put on incredible performances in the spring and will be featured on their respective offenses.


While TE isn’t the deepest position and you might be able to get below it in the top 30, CFBDynasty’s Draft Central gives you access to rankings of more than 1,500 players, which is crucial for positions like RB and WR. Subscribers also get access to exclusive cheat sheets, mock designs, sleepers, fantasy football loser shirts, a fun discord community, and more!

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College Fantasy Football TE Rankings 2022: Top Tight Ends, Sleepers

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rank player team conf class goodbye
1 Brock Bowers UGA SEC Mrs 8th
2 Michael Mayr ND IND So 5
3 Michael Trigg fail SEC Mrs 10
4 Zack Kuntz OD SBC So 6
5 Benjamin Yurosek Stan P12 So 3
6 Marshall Ford Lou Acc So 7
7 Payne Durham Purd B1G jr 9
8th Jaheim bell scar SEC So 7
9 Arike Gilbert UGA SEC So 8th
10 Sam Laporta Iowa B1G jr 7
11 Brant Kuithe Utah P12 jr 8th
12 Will Mallory MiaFL Acc jr 5
13 Cameron Latu Ala SEC jr 9
14 Ryan Jones ECU Supported communication jr 10
fifteen Yes’Tavion Sanders Tex B12 So 9
16 Christian Sims BGSU MAC jr 9
17 Xavier Gravette CoCar SBC jr 8th
18 Trey Knox ark SEC jr 8th
19 Gavin Bartholomew Pitt Acc So 7
20 Joshua Simon W Ky KUSA So 2
21 Eric All Me B1G jr 8th
22 Ben Sims Bayl B12 jr 6
23 Josh Whyle cin Supported communication jr 7
24 Kemore Gamble UCF Supported communication sir 6
25 Isaac Rex BYU IND Mrs 11
26 Gary Williams ColSt MW jr 5
27 Kamari Morales UNC Acc So 3.8
28 Dalton Kincaid Utah P12 jr 8th
29 Austin Stogner scar SEC sir 7
30 Baylor Cup TxTch B12 So 7

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